It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 6)

posted by on 17th May 2011, at 3:40am

Hello everyone, I’m back with another Dungeoneering article. This time I’m going to talk about the first three bosses that you could get on the Furnished floors. These bosses are very simple and once you know what to do, they’ll be a piece of cake.

CHAAAAAAAAARGE! You’ll hear that a lot when you get Rammernaut as your boss. You need a Dungeoneering level of 35 to fight him and a good magic level is also useful. He is sort of an annoying boss and can hit quite high if you’re by him, but if you know how to run and mage, you’ll be fine. All you need to do for this boss is to just use the strongest battle spell and run when he yells “CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!”, Vengeance will really help if you get caught before his special, but if you get hit during his special, Vengeance will not help out. Stick to a wall because there is a chance he will get caught during his special. His drop at the end of the battle is a Maul (which unless you are a Strength pure you should pass on it) and possible a Journal.

Ever felt like the sky is falling? Well if you get Stomp, that’ll actually happen to you. The first thing you’ll notice is that it is a very small room (just like the Unholy Cursebearer’s room) with some lodestones beside Stomp. For every third of his health you take away, he will unleash his special, which make the ceiling of the floor fall down upon you. He will also spawn two power crystals, which will go onto the lodestones to damage Stomp the amount of damage you dealt to him. If you don’t put the power crystals onto the lodestone, he will heal all of the damage you gave to him. This is a simple boss to fight and really the only tip I can give is to wait until almost all of the rocks are gone until you start attacking again, because you could lose a power crystal and make that little bit totally worthless. Also make sure to pray Ranged during the fight. He will drop a Coif at the end of the fight, which most people will pass upon binding for something else.

Har’Lakk the Riftsplitter is the last boss I’m going to be talking about this article. He is the second boss you’ll meet that has a voice that you can hear. He is also a boss that is met at level 35 Dungeoneering and will make you possible see some high damage taken. He attacks with magic that will sometimes drain prayer so pray mage to take less damage. If he only attacked with those attacks, this fight would be simple, but no, it’s not that simple. Har’lakk has three special attacks, Miasma, Flame and Downsize. Miasma is a poison attack that can stack each time you step in. You’ll know he’s going to use that attack because he will yell out “Taste miasma!” Flame is the hardest hitting attack because it will start off hitting low, but if you get into it around the end of the attack, it’ll hit 500+, which can be quite damaging if you’re in there for too long. He will yell out “A flame portal will flush you out!” when he is about to bring it in. The last special he could use will start to damage your stats, lowering them while you’re in the portal. He will yell out “This will cut you down to size!” when he is calling it in. Just use stab, bring food and some extra rejuvenation potions and you’ll be fine. Once he is killed he’ll drop a Rapier, which you could bind, but I wouldn’t recommend as there are much better weapons to bind.

This is all I have for now. Next article is going to talk about the last three bosses you can encounter on the Furnished floors, then we’re into the Occult bosses! I hope you enjoyed the article; this is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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