Clan Wars

posted by on 28th May 2011, at 9:47pm

With the wilderness being back, a lot of us might not think that the clan wars arena would be used much since it would be the exact same thing as going into the wilderness and killing the other clan. That is far from the truth. In the PvP clan world it seems to be one of the only ways of finding a clan to fight. The wilderness has died down and only a few meet-ups are done through the wilderness.

Some speculation to that is because the clan wars arena can provide set rules to be followed such as no summoning down to even a straight up tank test of no food/potions. Another great option is either to have it where clan wars counts the number of deaths for each team and allows for run-ins or just set to where whoever is left standing is declared the winner! All of these rules would require manpower to accomplish in the vast wilderness and would be near impossible unless both teams were honest.

The grand thing about clan wars is teams can set up whether or not they will lose their stuff. Now that the wilderness and free trade is back players can loot everything that the opponent was carrying. Players are instantly skulled in the “items lost on death” option so many believe this is a great field for battle. The playing field is equal and all it takes is some strategy from the leader/warlords and whoever does that the best will emerge victorious!

Some players that have never been in a PvP clan may ask, “Why fight if you gain nothing.” Clans will answer this question with: “Being a part of a clan and fighting to the death with victory on the mind has more value than any loot found on the ground”

Clan wars isn’t just about the original “clan” wars arena though. There are also two portals across from the arena portal. One portal is the dangerous portal. It’s basically the wilderness except players are skulled and only can possibly protect an item with the prayer. Since it is a bit out of the way from everything players don’t usually use this as the wilderness unless two players want to have a fair fight un-interrupted by rushers and others. The other portal is the safe portal. All items are kept on death and quite possibly could be the best place to practice PK’ing with others specially when it comes to hybriding. There is a bank close by and hardly ever anyone on most worlds so there is nothing that can stand in the way of a safe match between two hybrids. There is alot of different terrain to gain an advantage if into that sort of briding.

Clan wars is without a doubt a great alternative to the wilderness. Whether you’re trying to get away from the crowds, making sure your items are safe on death, or having a war with a clan with set rules, Clan Wars is the PvP gem of Runescape!

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