Alex’s Analysis – Forced Away

posted by on 17th May 2011, at 9:47pm

I am going to be leaving my home town- … scratch that. I’ll be leaving my come country- … no. I’ll be leaving my home CONTINENT for the majority of this month. That means no computer, “barely” any internet, and, most importantly, no Runescape. For three full weeks.

… well, I’d otherwise say “no big deal”. Tonnes of people do it. Go on holiday, get grounded, force themselves away to work on *gasp* schoolwork and study (not enough people do this, however). And I’ll be honest; this isn’t the first time I forced myself from Runescape for an extended period of time.

My point being: I’m not a game addict. I can handle this, no problem. I can live a life without Runescape. Runescape, to me, is simply a game I play for the fun of it. Want proof? I’ve been playing for over 10 years, and have only just recently started getting level 99s. I don’t grind, or rapid-train, or PK, or any of that stuff. I play Runescape because it’s fun. And perhaps a little online status. Nothing more.

So this is a quick article for those of you who have always had Runescape to help you through the times. To help you escape a cruel reality and socialize with friends and family in a virtual world where you, perhaps, hold superiority in some way. I want you to think about it: suppose you wake up, and you’re all the way on the other end of the world. You’ve got ample enough food (all foreign), a few friends (most foreign), and supplies to last you through. But no internet connection. Imagine that for a bit.

… OK, if you’re cringing or thinking “oh horrors” right now, just stop. It’s not funny.

You all have to understand. This IS going to happen to you one day. You WILL have to one day let Runescape go for an extended period of time. You’ll one day get yourself a job that requires immense amounts of time. And I suggest you DON’T sacrifice sleep for one hour of Runescape, because that’s gonna get you back the next day. Trust me on this.

To best cope with this, I’ve got some advice.

First off, don’t think about Runescape. At all. Never. Wipe it, if not momentarily, from your mind. Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it … heck, don’t even bring Runescape related shirts, art, or whatever with you.

If you do somehow get internet and cannot resist, if temporary or on your cell phone, DO NOT go onto the website, or look at the updates. Especially the updates. They’ll always pull out an incredibly beneficial update when you’re unable to play, and that’ll just make you drool with desire. It always happens, guaranteed. Don’t even look at the updates. If you don’t look at the updates, there won’t be any updates. Instead, there will just be one monster update when you’re able to play again, and you’ll have the time of your life.

And if you absolutely must think about Runescape, then think about planning ahead. Don’t think about what’s getting done; thing about what will get done. What’ll you do when you get back? Will you complete a goal? Will you start striving for a new level 99? Will you now have the guts to take on a Tormented Demon without prayer? Once you return to Runescape, it’ll be a fresh start to get something done.

Runescape will still be here for when you get back. It will have changed, but it’s nothing a couple hours of exploration and friend-chatting won’t fix. Don’t concern yourselves at all. Just get out there and have fun! in fact, one of the benefits to going away from Runescape is that when you do return to it, it’s like playing a brand new, somewhat familiar game! Fun all over again!

Anyways, that’s it. I mean, it’s only 3 weeks I’ll be gone. No big deal. I’ll be sure to bring everyone a video or something about our trip. It’ll be fun. Well, it had better be. … nah, it WILL be.

Cheers, cannoneers! Until next we meet!

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