It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 5)

posted by on 20th April 2011, at 12:20am

I hope you’re enjoying your Spring so far because I am (look back at the weather for Edmonton and you’ll understand why). I’m going to talk about the remaining Abandoned bosses so let’s begin.

Unholy Cursebearer, it is a boss missing an arm and can be met on floor 12-17 and 30-35. It lives in a really small room and deals Magic and Melee damage. He also drains your stats, but that can be combated by using the holy font in the boss room, but be warned, it heals the Unholy Cursebearer so don’t spam it. This is an easy boss with a couple of tricks to not get hit as much. First off, everyone but the person the Cursebearer is targeting has protect/deflect magic on and stands behind the Cursebearer and attacks with the crush attack style. The person who is targeted uses protect from melee, stand away from your teammates and also use the crush attack style. This should be a quick fight and at the end, you’ll get some kind of magic staff. If you’re looking for the Celestial catalytic staff, you’ll want to hope you get him.

Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan could be counted as one of the harder bosses you fight, just by the massive amount of damage that could come from him. He is only encountered from floor 30-35 and will drop a kiteshield as the reward for killing him. When you go into his room, you’ll see the Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan and four posts. Those posts will be saving your life so MAKE sure you are close to them that you can quickly get behind it in a second. When you fight him you’ll want to pray protect from melee or protect from magic (I normally use protect from melee because of how often he uses his melee attack). Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan will send out blobs of goo which do a lot of damage if you’re in the middle of it, so watch out, but his worst attack is his special ability. Watch your chat box and Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan because you’ll see when it happens. It is at that time that you will be running for your life to get behind one of the pillars. That attack will do around 80% of your maximum health and drain your stats. The stab attack style will tear through his defences and make this fight a little easier so you don’t accidently die from getting hit with multiple shots.

Bal’lak the Pummeller has to be one of the easiest Abandoned 2 floor bosses if you know what you’re doing. He is the third boss you’ll meet that has voice added to his special attacks. He is a basic boss and is sort of like the Unholy Cursebearer in how people should be praying, but your stats aren’t drained, the room is much bigger, and green puddles form on the floor which lower defence. If you are the one being attacked, run so Bal’lak is over a couple of the green puddles so his overall defence will lower (you’ll see his defence level at the top of the screen). He is a simple boss and can be downed easily. He drops War hammers which might be useful to you, but it’s your choice.

Next article is to talk about the Furnished floor (18-29) bosses, along with some of the Abandoned floor monsters you can meet up with. I hope you enjoyed the article; this is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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