How to Make Money Staking

posted by on 22nd April 2011, at 3:06am

Want to make a few millions on the side while you are messing some people up at the Duel Arena? Staking has been back for more than 2 months now and there has been countless billions made and lost. I’ve got a few tips to keep from losing a lot, and possibly come out with a few million!

Most players in Runescape that want to stake are not maxed combat nor staking pures. These players have to watch out, and be careful when staking, as well as staying up to date on everyone’s combat stats. The best thing to do is duel people with lower or equal combat, and also compare stats on the high-scores. Players with higher prayer and summoning than their equal-combat opponent will usually lose the duel. This is because prayer and summoning do not matter in a boxing match so will only hurt. This applies for lower combat opponents too. Many times players will create staking pures and will not train prayer or summoning to keep their combat low to fool others.

Staking pures have the best advantage over everyone. Having low combat to mask their maxed skills is their #1 trait. One of the greatest things they can do is make people “double up.” This happens when a lower combat player fights a higher combat. Most of the time the lower player will stake half or even a quarter of what the higher combat player will stake. The idea of this comes from the fact that if the lower player loses, he will still have to lose multiple times to lose the same amount as the others. Now that staking has died down a few notches this happens less, but staking pures can still make money the good old fashioned way of just 1:1 staking with anyone. They are maxed and many players wont see this, so players that are not 126 free-to-play combat will most likely lose and other maxed players will still have a 50:50 chance of winning against these pures.

Maxed combat players are really just as bad as the lower combat players that are not pures. The only difference is not having to look up other players on the high-scores. They are already at the prime of their account so any stake is a 50:50 chance unless the other player is not maxed in that stakes required stats (as in 99 strength, attack, defense, and constitution for a boxing stake.) To make money as a maxed out player it is required to have some sort of system.

The system most loved by players is just really to keep a mental track of wins and loses. Start at a low stake and do a couple of them. When loses start to roll in it is a good time to stake a few million higher. If a winning streak starts to appear it might be best to start backing off and do some small stakes. This method is tough to master but can make a lot in the long run. The best tip is really to stay controlled. Don’t start staking everything at once unless the losing streak is large and you have done the right tactics with each stake. It’s a great idea to bank money frequently to keep from getting out of control. Know when to call it a day also to stay away from losing all profit and from cleaning (losing everything) your bank.

One system that has made billions for me personally is the method derived from the Martingale betting system.

(I would like take this time to say gambling is very bad. You may make millions or even billions for a while but this can always come back to ruin everything you have worked for. Staking is no different.)

Players will set a base stake, and than double if they lose. If the player wins they will go back to the base stake, but if they lose they continue doubling the bet until they are cleaned (or win as said before.) The way to go about knowing how much to set as a base stake is simple. Set aside how much money there is to offer the staking gods (in case this system completely fails.) And divide that by either 128 to be cleaned in 8 losses in a row, or 512 if going for a 10 loss streak to be cleaned.

Both of these systems are best used if the player has 50:50 or greater chance of winning, while 50:50 chance means both players have the same combat stats.

With everything dealing with risk one should be careful and not risk more than what they want to lose. There is always a chance of losing everything even with the methods above. So be careful.

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