It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 3)

posted by on 24th February 2011, at 5:03pm

Hello everyone, I’m back with another article, this time talking about the last 3 bosses and some of the frozen floor specific monsters you can fight. The Luminescent Icefiend is going to be the first boss I’m going to talk about and if you have a good connection, you’ll hardly get any damage done to you.

The Luminescent Icefiend is a boss you encounter once you reach level 5 Dungeoneering. It attack with Magic and Ranged so whichever you have more protection from, use the opposite prayer to keep yourself at max health. It is weak to Stab attacks (so a spear would be most useful here) and is also weak to Fire spells (which makes sense). Overall this boss is easy but once you get his health down to 75%, 50%, 25% and finally 1% it gets a little tough. Those health levels I noted above are when the Luminescent Icefiend uses his special attack, and you’ll know when this happens. He will encase himself in a giant icicle and will have icicles fall from the top of the room. You will be running to evade the attack so and can also be hurt by the icicles that fall from other people in the room running (if you are by yourself, you will only need to worry about the icicles that fall in your path). Those icicles won’t kill you, but they will leave you at a low life point count, so watch out. He will drop a dagger so he is the first boss you can fight that can drop some kind of weapon.

The Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz is the next boss being talked about today. You encounter him at level 11and in my opinion, one of the hardest bosses you fight in the frozen floors. He freezes everything and only has a couple of spots you can stop to attack him. Think of his boss room like Myths of the White Lands. He hits with Melee, Ranged and Magic and has a special that will push you back a square if you are on solid land or wherever you can go if you’re are on the ice. His weakness is Stab (like the Luminescent Icefiend) but Ranged is a much easier way to kill him. There isn’t really 1 way to kill him besides getting him near the entrance to the room or by the exit of the floor. He drops gauntlets with the Primal Gloves giving a whopping +12 Strength bonus, so if you are one for wanting high hits, these might be something you’ll want to bind.

The last boss I’m going to talk about this article is To’Kash the Bloodchiller. This is the first dungeoneering boss with voice, yelling a couple of sayings like “DEEP FREEZE!” and “Sleep now in bitter cold”. You encounter him at level 17. This boss is a piece of cake if you have a team and a good amount of food. Protect from Magic and have a slash weapon (like a Battleaxe or a 2H) and you’ll take him down in no time. There isn’t much else I can say about him other than you can free your friends. He drops Magical Gloves so if you want something to bind, kill him fast so you can move onto another boss, however the gloves do give some good bonuses.

Now I have some more time in this article so let’s talk about some of the monsters you can fight down there. Ice spiders, Ice giants, Icefiends, a lot of ice monsters. They are all weak to crush attacks so anything that has a crush attack style, use it. There are no monsters that can poison you from floor 1-11 so you don’t need to worry about making/buying antidotes.

Next article is going to be going into some parts I may have missed in my first article, so I’ll go back and make sure I covered everything. If I missed nothing, then it’s time to talk about the Abandoned floors, which could take an article or two. I hope you enjoyed the article; this is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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