Enhanced Brawling!

posted by on 24th December 2010, at 3:34pm

Two months have passed and is time for the last addition to my brawling gloves tips & tricks! This set will work on the skills that “enhance” players and are probably are the most useful to many because these skills can’t be bought with money.

These brawlers seem to be the most sought after of them all. They are rare to obtain and they can be tough to keep if training on a PVP world or bounty hunter +0 world. The best way to use them is to log onto a bounty hunter world +1 and go to the wilderness agility course. Keep brawlers in your inventory till the last obstacle to get the most experience from each pair. There is no way of dodging annoying PKers while up here so just bring agility brawling gloves. If killed, use ice plateau teleport and continue training. Using these at a time when most players are asleep is a good idea. Less people are near the agility course and mainly focus their PKing attempts to Edgeville. Depending on what obstacle these are used on, 123k maximum can be gained before degrading.

These are best used in a PVP world and are great if the player has a guilded alter. Player owned houses count as a non-hotspot PVP zone so only 2x experience is gained, but combined with a guilded alter, it is the best prayer experience in the game. Bring teleports to Lumbridge (Safe-spot), house teleport tablets, and a beast of burden. 1275 bones can be buried with each pair so using frost dragon bones would be excellent (1.2m experience gained with each pair)

If said player does not have a guilded alter it might be best to just find a good route from a PvP hot-spot to a bank and just bury the bones. Just a beast of burden, tank/prayer gear, and brawling gloves are needed for this way. (918k experience is gained per pair if frost dragon bones are buried in the wilderness)

The best way to use these would be going to the best place to get thieving experience in any world. Pyramid plunder until the last room or last two rooms, and then equip the brawling gloves to gain amazing experience. This is inside of a non-hotzone so only 2x experience is gained.

To get the maximum experience go to the rogue fortress in the highest parts of the wilderness and pickpocket rogues. While being in deep wilderness this can be relatively safe. There are 3 doors to go through to get to the very inside of the castle so as long as there is a little attention to the screen one can survive safely. Log out and go to a different world when a PKer is spotted. About 100k experience can be gained through these tactics.

This skill is very tough to train with brawlers if the player does not have 96 summoning or greater. Most hunting spots are open and dangerous if you are teleblocked. Quite simply it is just training hunter regularly while being constantly on the watch for PKers. If yak is available, bank brawlers using winter storage scrolls.

If it is not available, teleport as quick as possible or try to run for a safe spot while praying magic protection. D’hide is always a good armour to bring to protect from the pesky teleport block. over 300k experience has been reported from catching black salamanders in the wilderness near clan wars. This is the only spot that can be used while inside a bounty hunter world and gain 4x experience and would be my pick if I had a yak. It is very dangerous otherwise because they are in multi-way combat and clans occupy this place most of the time.

This concludes the Brawling Gloves series and so if anyone has any comments questions or any additional ideas they will be welcome!

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