The Secrets in the Lines: The Dungeoneering Journals

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Dungeoneering is the newest big thing in Runescape, some call it a skill, some call it a mini-game, and some just don’t know or don’t care. For clarity purposes, let’s call it a skill, as it has level and is on the skill page in the RS user interface.
If you have played any Dungeoneering, more likely than not, you’ve found the notes dropped by monsters and bosses. The notes are little scraps of information that will show up pseudo-randomly (nothing in a computer is truly random). You can read them in the dungeon you’re working on and then destroy them, saving valuable inventory space. Since you’ve read it, you can go back anytime and re-read them from your Ring of Kinship interface. Don’t worry.

These little scraps are organizes into 6 categories which are as follows:
The Chronicles of Bilrach
Kal’Gerion Notes
Stalker Notes
Behemoth Notes
Marmaros and Thok Letters

Each one has interesting little nuggets of information, some more useful than others and some more mysterious than others. The Kal’Gerion notes, Stalker notes and Behemoth notes provide much more practical information than the Chronicles of Bilrach or the Marmaros and Thok letters, but do provide a few small insights. This is a small summary of what the journal entries are and an analysis of their contents.

The Behemoth Notes
Author: Unknown
Objective: Information for players on what is lurking up ahead

The Behemoth Notes do not yield us much more information than informing us on the different types of Behemoth-type bosses that are found throughout your exploits in Daemonheim. There are a few bits of information to glean from these letters. For example, the Behemoths are not of Gielinor, they were somehow brought here by someone (Bilrach probably) and could possibly be from the same plane as the Gorajo (the Dungeoneering summoning creatures).

The Marmaros and Thok Letters
Author: Marmaros (a.k.a. the rewards trader)
Intended Recipient: Bryll (Marmaros and Thok’s sister, very little is known about her and her location is unknown)
Objective: chronicle of M. and Thok’s time in Daemonheim
Thok is known as “Thok, Master of Dungeoneering” to most players due to his foray into Daemonheim with his brother Marmaros. They were the first adventurers to reach the bottom of Daemonheim where they allegedly found a corpse that is speculated to be Bilrach, though unconfirmed. The tragedy that made Marmaros into the cowering and paranoid rewards trader that we know, is currently a mystery, though the letters indicate that Marmaros is a proficient fighter, having at times protected Thok in battle. Thok is the bigger of the two, known for using a hulking battle-ax to cleave through his foes, and during their time in Daemonheim, the one that killed the most bosses. Little else is known about M. and T. other than what is in the letters.

The Chronicles of Bilrach
Author: Bilrach
Purpose: Journal
Of all of the Journals, these are probably the most interesting. For a little background, Bilrach is a Mahjarrat first mentioned in the journal of Zemouregal. It is assumed he was part of the original group of Mahjarrat that came to Gielinor (along with Lucien, Zemouregal, Azzanadra and others). He is known to be active since the end of the Second age and was especially prominent the God Wars of the Third Age, having created K’ril Tsutsaroth (a.k.a. the Zamorak Boss of the God Wars Dungeon) and was known as the lapdog of Zamorak. In the journals, he reveals multiple of the most interesting facts about the God Wars and other monumental happenings of Runescape’s history. For example, in part 2 of the chronicle, he implies that the Dragonkin both protected “the Artifact (possibly the Stone of Jas, the tool Guthix used to form Gielinor) at one point and ended the “Great Wars” (which could possibly mean the God Wars). He also implies that what lies at the bottom of Daemonheim is extremely valuable, powerful and important. Interestingly enough, he only identifies himself in the 6th entry and appears to only write every 50-100 years. The range of the journal extends from the middle of the fourth age to present day (5th age, year 169). Multiple times in the chronicles, Bilrach refers to “the Rift” though what that actually is, we don’t know. It could possibly be the Portal of Life (the means by which human first entered the plane during the first age), though he does say that once he reaches it, he will be able to free Zamorak.

Kal’Gerion Notes, Stalker notes and Misc. notes
Authors: Unknown/Various
Both the Kal’Gerion notes and the Stalker notes resemble the Behemoth notes, and it is possible that they share the same author. They mainly present the different bosses that are faced in the dungeons, giving some advice or small hints as to how to defeat them or even giving some backstory to them. The miscellaneous notes are exactly that, they include weapon orders, a few journal entries (most notably those of Astea Frostweb, Luxicus Runewrite, the Necrolord and the Skeletal Trio) and a few other mysterious entries like a small disc and the Gravecreeper’s tombstone inscription among other things.

As you can see, there is plenty to be unraveled in these little bits of lore, and with some research and reading, you can start to trace the lines of the story that JAGeX has been weaving for years. There are rumors of a Dungeoneering quest in the works, with a story line possibly involving Bilrach, Zamorak, the Strange Power, the Fremennik, the Edicts of Guthix and Gielinor’s past.

What I have seen in all my research into the history and lore of Runescape, and especially what is alluded to in the Dungeoneering is the beginning of the end. A final quest to end all quests and an explanation to us adventurers, but that’s just my conclusion. Do the research, read up. If you haven’t done the quests, you can level up and do them. Read and research, but don’t let yourself get left out of the story.

If you’d like to talk about what the grand finale could be, the Dungeoneering journals or RS lore in general, PM me on the forums or in game.

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