It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! Warped Floors

posted by on 13th November 2010, at 1:59am

Hello everyone, this article is going to be all about the Warped Floors that were just recently released. From what I saw (because I only checked out 2 floor to see if there was anything different) this is the most graphically updated area in ALL of RuneScape. Here is the first room on a complexity of 1.

Warped Floors Starting Room

Now if you look, you can see suspended particles in the air, and they stay there depending on what way your camera is positioned. The red is nice and easy on the eye (well, my eyes at least) and everything just looks like it goes together very smoothly. One thing I would want is to have the doors stand out more, but it’s just like the Occult floors, I’ll get used to them once I start Dungeoneering again.

Getting away from the design, some of the monsters down there have been updated. The animated books are not just stationary; they flap like the books that Lexicus Runewright summons. Some monsters like Ankous have been added to the types of monsters that can be found down there, and some new items, like the blastbox (you don’t buy it and get it bound down there, it’s it own drop). Going on a tangent, the blastbox is a new drop that is counted as the ammo. With each blastbox, you get 125 of the most basic cast (so if you get the Surge blastbox, you get 125 casts for Wind surge already in the box, so make sure you have some fire runes and you have Fire surge). It is dropped by Forgotten Mages so be on the lookout for one of them. Getting back on track, from the floor I went through getting pictures, nothing much else has changed, besides the 7 new bosses and the rest of the not released armour and weapons released.

Some of the new bosses are hard. There have been remakes of some bosses and some new bosses released. A new boss that hasn’t been done before is Blink. It is a human (from what I saw) that is scared or something. It runs across the room and you need to put up pillars to stop him so you can attack him. It can be a long fight if you don’t get up the right pillar but from what I’ve seen, it is an easy one, you just need a lot of food because it’s running can do a lot of damage (when it runs, it releases smoke that is fully pixilated, it looks epic, I mean it). Dreadnaut is another boss I saw. Think of him as Rammernaut, but stronger, and has an animated attack. This one is a little harder as Rammernaut just by the fact that when he attacks, he creates orange blobs that do extra damage, so maging/ranging is the easiest way to kill him.

Well, this is all that I have for the new Warped floors. Next month is the second addition to this series, no spoilers to what I’m going to talk about then. All I have for now, Tim Out!

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