It’s Dungeoneering Time!!! (Part 1)

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Hello all! I know you’ve been waiting to see an article about Dungeoneering, so here it goes. Hopefully you are a member, but if you’re not, just adjust what I talk about to the best thing you can. This article is going to be tips and tricks to help you train faster. I’m going to be basing this off of what I used to do before the occult floors came out, and what I do now that I’m 101 Dungeoneering.

People may think it’s a hard skill to train but I don’t really know of a way to train 24 skills at once, and then adding in that 25th skill into the mix. Now there have been some updates that have made it harder to get money to train those skills (if you’re going to be helping your teammates) but Jagex has countered that. Anyway, I’ll talk about that later on, so let’s get going into this dungeoneering article, which will be filled with tips and tricks to help your team get along faster in the dungeon.

Now before I go on, you most likely want to know what floors you should do at Complexity 6, complexity 1 or 3, etc. Before the Occult floors came out, I was doing floor 1-20 by myself with a complexity of 1. It would take around 20-30 minutes to do that. After that floor 21-27 was a 5 man rush, 5:5 with a complexity of 6, each floor should be around 20 minutes and you should be getting 4k+ xp. And after that it’s the rest of the floor Large 5:5 with a complexity of 6, which should take around an hour per floor. So you can get the most xp each time you reset, you should do all the floors. You’ll get around 300k xp for all of those. Once you get to the Occult floors, there are not that many changes. The Occult floors came out after I had 92 Dungeoneering so from 92-101, I did the same thing. That same thing was 1-29 Complexity 1 either by myself or with a group of people, but the difficulty was 1:1 or 5:1 no matter what. That takes around an hour or so, depends on how fast you (or your team) are. After that it’s large, 5:5, Complexity 6 floors. That will get you around 500-700k xp for those 47 floors. Now that I have that out of the way, it’s time to talk about what I think would be the best binds.

Of course your first bind should be a weapon of some kind. I would recommend the Primal Battleaxe, Promethium 2h or the Promethium Spear P++. The spear is the all-around weapon. It has all the attack styles that the monsters down in Daemonheim are weak to: Stab, Slash and Crush. The Promethium 2h is all about the crush. Paired with a tier 10 Berserker ring and you’re hitting 600+ without even potting up. The Battleaxe would be the top of the pick because it allows you to wield a shield, so you can upgrade up your Tank ring and you’re going to be taking a lot less damage then everyone else.

Now if you’re a ranger, the best bow you can wield if the best choice. If you pick getting a short bow upgrading up your Desperado ring is going to be the best choice, long bows would want to level up the Sniper or even Keen-eye will be your best choice. And before I forget, along with binding however many items you can bind, you can also bind ammo, 125 of either arrows or runes, not both. Now if you don’t normally range during a floor binding 125 law runes might be your best choice, but if you do range often, the best arrows strong poisoned up will be your best choice. You cannot alch your arrows so keep that in mind when you are going bind some arrows. If you get the chance to see a Hexhunter bow, BIND IT (if you have 98 Ranged)! This bow is incredibly powerful and when you attack mages, you will down them much, much faster than with a normal bow. When you get to the Occult floors, this bow will hit 600+ constantly on Necrolord (a level 77 Occult floor boss).

Magers are going to want to bind runes (of course) and it can be your choice on which runes you want to bind. I see most people bind either Law or Blood runes, but it’s your choice. With that talked about, Magers are going to want to bind the staff that will benefit them the most. If you’re not 99 I would recommend binding a fire staff so you can cast those powerful fire spells, but if you are 99 magic, bind a Celestial Catalytic Staff. You’re going to want to want to upgrade the Blazer ring so you can hit quite high with elemental spells, or you can go with Blitzer and cast faster elemental spells. Now once you hit level 50, the one drop you should be looking for is a Shadow Silk Hood. This hood makes you invisible to any humanoid that aren’t Mages or Bosses.

Some examples of monsters that will ignore you are Rangers, Warriors, Zombies and Skeletons. Like the Bosses and Mages, Bats, Rats, most of the Ice creatures and slayer monsters are going to notice you and attack you. If you don’t see one, the best platebody you can wear is going to be your next best thing. Magers should get the best Robe Top they can wear, same with Rangers, but with the best Bodies they can wear.You’re third and fourth binds can be whatever you want them to be. Right now I have a Promethium Platebody but I’m on the look out for a blood necklace. These binds are really for the extra defence, people with Battleaxes might want to go for a shield, so they don’t need to make/buy one each time you start a floor.

Now with this info, go on and level up, next article is going to talk about what each monster if weak to, and how you should start off, along with tips to finding a team. This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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    “The would be the top of the pick because it allows you to wield a shield, …”
    Forgot the word battleaxe. Other than that, great article