Using Up Resources, Dangerous Style

posted by on 18th October 2010, at 10:30am

Time again for some tips on how to best use these amazing gloves called brawlers. If you have taken the time to bank the resources gained from the mining, woodcutting, and fishing brawlers than you may want to read farther to learn how to use those resources for the best experience.


These get better and better the higher your prayer and summoning is. The higher your prayer level, the longer you can go without going to an alter. Also, the higher your summoning, the better beast of burden (BoB) you may use. Whatever those levels might be, the simple plan is to get the best prayer bonus and bob as possible and grab the best logs money will allow. Pray against melee and find a nice long stretch with no obstacles in the way. There are many, and how long the stretch must be depends upon the bob used. 1200 logs can be burned with firemaking brawling gloves which gives a whopping 1.45m experience from magic logs. If those cost too much, yew logs will still give a hefty 960k experience.


These are best done on a PvP world on the ancient spell book. Bring a ring of dueling, runes for Dareeyak Teleport, and magic defense armor, ring of life, phoenix necklace,a hammer, and of course the metal bars to be made into weapons/armor. If a BoB is summon-able then take that also with more bars inside. Teleport to dareeyak which is single-way combat (multi-way on bounty hunter worlds) and about 10 steps south east there will be an anvil to smith on. Once complete, run south and teleport to castle wars once in level 20 wilderness. From personal experience there hasn’t been more than 3-4 people down in the lobby and the combats were so spanned out they weren’t able to group jump players. To be safe, check castle wars before loading up with supplies for the first run, and look around each time before teleporting to dareeyak. This should keep the death count low. about 300k experience can be gained with each pair. This is an estimate though because most brawlers give a certain amount of uses.


These brawlers are yet another simple to use pair. The hardest part is deciding what to cook. On a bounty hunter world bring those fish, a BoB (with more fish in it,) logs, and a tinderbox into the wilderness. Light a fire and cook fish. 1000 successful cooks will make these disintegrate.

It’s been a long run, but there are still four left to go!!!

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