Top 10 All Time Quests to get Started and Completed Part 2

posted by on 11th August 2010, at 3:51am

Hello all again. This month I’m going to cover Quests 6-4 that I think you should do right away. Hopefully you’re done the quests I talked about last month so you’re ready to do these. I’ll just get right into it; these quests have some good rewards that might persuade you to finish them right away.

6. The Fremennik Quest Series

Quests in the Series (In Order): The Fremennik Trials, Throne of Miscellania, Royal Troubles, The Fremennik Isles, Mountain Daughter, Olaf’s Quest, Glorious Memories, Blood Runs Deep

Related Quests: Tale of the Muspah, Horror from the Deep, Lunar Diplomacy, Dream Mentor

Difficulty: Varies from Intermediate all the way to Master

Like the Plague Quest Series, this quest series is also very in depth. I picked this quest series to be in the 6th position because some of the quests are difficult and frustrating (Blood Runs Deep is one example). This quest series stays in and around Rellekka and allows you to learn the story of some of the major people in the region. The quests in this series are worth doing because the rewards are so useful. Blood Runs Deep currently gives out the most xp as a reward (450k if you use it all on one skill). A lot of the item rewards are combat based but you also get access to a wide range of useful services from some of the quests (Throne of Miscellania, Royal Troubles, The Fremennik Trials and The Fremennik Isles).

5. Desert Treasure and The Temple at Senntisten

Quests requirements needed to start:
Desert Treasure: The Dig Site, Priest In Peril, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Waterfall Quest
The Temple at Senntisten: The Curse of Arrav, Desert Treasure, Devious Minds

Level/Other requirements needed to start:
Desert Treasure: 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 10 Slayer, 53 Thieving
The Temple at Senntisten: Must have 125 Kudos with the Varrock Museum, 50 Prayer

Difficulty: Master for Both

I put these two quests together because there is a story line going through these two quests (the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat quest series). Both of these quests need some semi high levels to complete and both have some hard battles to fight, along with some challenging puzzles to figure out. These quests were some of the best quests to do just because of how hard they were but they are both ranked at 5th because the rewards are not as good as some of the other quest rewards that I’m going to cover. With these quests, you gain new items in your Prayer and Magic Tab. Temple of Senntisten gives you new and useful Curses (replaces what is normally in your Prayer Tab). A lot of these curses are useful but at a cost. The good deflect and leech curses require high Prayer to be able to use, and they also drain prayer faster than the normal prayers do (to my knowledge). Desert Treasure on the other hand replaces your Magic tab with the Ancient spells. These spells are some of the most powerful in the game. These spells are useful for both single and multi combat, with some spells hitting multiple targets at a time. But that power is at a cost, a lot of costly runes are needed to cast the spells, but if you have the money, then you’re golden.

4. A Fairy Tale Part I, II and III

Quests requirements needed to start:
A Fairy Tale Part I – Growing Pains: Lost City, Nature Spirit
A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen: A Fairy Tale Part I – Growing Pains
A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift: A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen, Wolf Whistle

Level/Other requirements needed to start:
A Fairy Tale Part I – Growing Pains: High Farming would be an advantage
A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen: 57 Herblore, 49 Farming, 40 Thieving
A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift: 59 Magic, 54 Farming, 51 Thieving, 37 Summoning, 36 Crafting

Difficulty: Experienced for all 3 quests

Ah, the Fairy Tale Quest Series. To my knowledge it is now complete with Part III being released a couple of months ago. This is a quest that took 4 years to get from Part II to Part III, but it was well worth the wait. But before I get ahead of myself, I need to talk about Part I. This was the first quest that came out and it gave farming a bonus with the reward. The Magic Secateurs are what you’ll see every farmer wielding. They give a 10% increase to Farming yields and when you use them with Herbs, you’ll get a lot of money and xp from them. Part II gave us the use of Fairy Rings, scattered all over Gielinor. Now the high herblore level needed is worth it because Fairy Rings can get you to places normal teleports can’t get you to. You will need to kill some monsters to get items, but the fight is very easy (however, no prayers or curses can be used). Part III however has the best reward. To use Fairy rings, you need a dramen or lunar staff, after completing the quest; you won’t need it any more. This quest brings down the Fairy Godfather and also gets rid of all the orks that are around Zanaris. This quest was fun to complete, along with also having some funny scenes. The xp part of the reward is very good, but not having to use a lunar or dramen staff to use fairy rings is the best part. You also a magic watering can which will never run out of water and you can also talk to Martin the Master Gardener After the quest to have all the farmers keep your farming patches weed free.


Now that you know what quests to do, go and do them! Some of these quests can get frustrating so don’t be discouraged, just try again and you’ll get it eventually (because quests 3-1 can be really tough, and you’ll need lots of perseverance and spirit to complete them). This is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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