The Hybrids of PK’ing

posted by on 14th July 2010, at 4:03pm

When players think of high risk in PvP, they think of hybrids. Hybriding is a style of PvP’ing that a player will take 2 or 3 of the weapon/armor types from the combat triangle and use them to the player’s advantage. They are the kings of PK’ing in the  multi-way wilderness because one team of hybrids can take down another group very quickly by just switching styles depending on what protection prayers the group is mostly using. They aren’t good in just multi-way though; with some practice, hybrids can rush and easily overcome players in single-way also.

To start out, a player should know what kinds of armor, equipment, potions, and food a hybrid would use. Depending on how much a player wants to risk, and the two types of combat the hybrid will use, the equipment could differ immensely. This picture is a welfare set up I’ve selected for an example of the most common hybrid: melee/mage.

The armor can easily be substituted out for higher level, more accurate equipment. Ahrim’s or Zuriel’s robes would do well, along with more runes for barraging depending on how long a hybrid wants to stay out on a trip. Ranger armor is great in emergencies when magic defense is needed to run away. The melee armor is the same way but can be cut out completely to give more room for food or potions. Hybrids use Saradomin brews for rapid healing when needed, along with super restores to restore prayer (essential for hybriding in a dangerous place.) The special weapon will be a player’s choice. Vesta’s longsword is great in single-way for rushing because it can potentially unleash four 500+ hits in a matter of seconds. Dragon claws can be a great single-way spec weapon but isn’t as useful in multi-way, as it is mostly for group PK’ing. The reasons for this is because it is cheap to lose, and has four special attacks per bar which means you dont have to overkill and lose half of a special for no reason.

I would like to take this time to warn everyone who takes up hybriding to check items kept on death before going out. Also if carrying several loots i recommend banking or checking periodically to see if a low value loot item protects against something such as claws.

Tactics of a single way hybrid include for the most part rushing. Find a target, pray soul split or smite, cast ice barrage to get them down a little, and then KO with special weapon. If they eat or pray before spec’ing it is recommended to cast more ice barrages (or Miasmic if going for maximum damage), and just wear them down till it is a good time to KO. This requires practice and does not always work. A player will usually either run away as soon as a spell hits them, or stay and fight till it does not seem plausible to kill the hybrid. One target to go for is a player that has just killed another. Barraging will hold them in place and use up all their food. When they start running it is a good time to special before they reach a safe spot.

Multi-way combat for hybrids are the only way to kill with a small clan. It is also very similar to single way PK’ing while hybriding except for the fact there is a clan to back everyone up. This allows for faster kills, especially when the clan works together and calls piles, meaning everyone focuses on one target.

A player must be skilled to have risks pay off to be a hybrid. One can come into contact with high rewards and success with hybriding!

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