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posted by on 31st July 2010, at 10:00pm

Hello everybody! Thanks for clicking on that little blue link to my article. A while back, I realized that I have played approximately 200 days since the time I started. That’s slightly over half of a year gone from my life! Do I regret it? Not entirely, but I still wish I hadn’t played so much. So today I will go over the huge time wasters that I used to do, so you won’t make the same mistakes. Or if you do, then you will realize that they are. Let me be clear, though, that I mean no offense to anybody that this might talk about.

Friendly moonwalks

Have you ever gotten with a friend and started following them, and then they started following you back? The end result either happened as neither avatar moved, or you would rotate in circles. This ended up to cause at least a 10 minute delay in your actual affair with your friend. Don’t feel like this is a bad thing, though! I have most certainly done it before because I had nothing else to do. Just remember, not even once or you will be doing it more often until you quit your habit.

Lifetime friends

Over the years of RuneScape, I have played and met some very good “online” friends. None of them acted like pedophiles that you might meet up with. I never was prompted to meet them in real life. However, I did get to know them pretty well (if they were telling the truth of course.) In the end, they either left for college or went to World of Warcraft. So the friendships like these seem to end. I don’t mean to tell you that they are a waste of time. Obviously they can make the game more fun, yet don’t expect them to stay forever.

The Stare with the GE

The GE has a marvelous touch of either having the items instantly at your fingertips or not at all. I have noticed myself sometimes staring at an empty meter for my items to come. Typically I just waste 5 minutes over a trade that will take at least a couple of hours. If it doesn’t come instantly after your acceptance of the trade, then it won’t be coming for a while.

Item hunting

Several months ago, I wrote an article about how to keep your bank clean. Even after cleaning the bank, there are always the few items you can never seem to find. Therefore, I keep looking and searching with little success. Afterward I realize that I could have found it simply by “searching” it with the find button. It doesn’t work when finding a bundle of objects, but it certainly helps with those pesky items that are behind a beach ball in the closet.

Clan events

Clans are great and all. I used to be in one before it died out. I have even been to several RSBANDB events. Yet if there is one thing that I have realized is every event is from 10 to 30 minutes later than the set time. So to save time, I would suggest coming 15 minutes late UNLESS you know for a fact that they will most likely be important to start promptly. For example, R!Update live shows may not start promptly, but I wouldn’t want to miss anything, so I would arrive early. However, a few minutes late to an event probably isn’t so bad in any other clan.

Silly Toys

Do you remember the times when you play gnome ball because you have nothing else to do? Well at least I do. Something worse is the bazooka (fixed device) and shoot dyed frogs at people. While it can be fun for a while, it really has no use and I probably have wasted hours doing it.

Pet sitting

“Awe, you’re such a cute little kitty. I am going to just keep 28 pieces of meat in my inventory and walk around endlessly until you grow up into a cat.”
This, my friends, is exactly what I have done in the past. I was a pretty weird kid that had no homework to work on. Instead of wasting the hours it would require growing a cat just sitting there, I suggest something that most of you already do. This includes alching, runecrafting, smithing, mining, woodcutting, or any other gathering skill. This is because you don’t have to carry food everywhere; it is already in a bank in which you will go to.

Don’t feel bad if you have ever done activities like this. I will probably get flamed for doing some of them, though. They are normal for the ones that aren’t in a huge rush to get things done. With this said and done, I could have made that 200 days into at least 175 days. Happy scaping!

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