Le Classic RuneScape

posted by on 24th June 2010, at 8:11pm

Good evening, mates! How art thou fine madams and lords? I hope ye do
 oft well for many o’ years. Okay that speech doesn’t suit me,
 but it was worth a try. A few days ago I noticed that the behind the
 scenes came back this month. Whether this is a one month thing or not,
 their plan to abolish the idea must have been poor. So I was thinking
 about the other changes that have been made, and I have realized that
 things are slowly going back to the way they were before.

Players’ Gallery

I will start off with the thing that didn’t even come to my attention
 when I started writing –  the Players’ Gallery. To
 be honest, this was my favorite off-game section and I always 
anticipated seeing a new monthly batch. However, only the best of the 
best were kept and the rest were removed, and it really ticked me off
 when they decided to do this. Fortunately, Jagex decided to re-open it 
a few days ago, and if things go alright, they will update it every
 month. Let’s just hope they don’t remove it again!

Behind The Scenes

Finally, the one thing that actually let me know whether I would be looking forward to the month ahead has finally been brought to us once more. The Behind The Scenes was more than just a newsletter to inform players. It showed us of things they promised to do, but ended up not doing. I’m really happy that this was added back, because I was tired of just having random updates put in every so often. Most of these updates I rarely look at; there’s only a 1 in 100 chance that it will be something I am interested in.

Hyped Skills

Since the dawn of time, most new skills that get released have been among the greatest things that have ever occurred. Well, before they came out, anyway. Summoning, construction, and farming were all hyped up. While these are okay and all very decent skills, none of them turned out the way it was said to be. This reminds me of Apple’s App submission system: If the description doesn’t fit to what the app does, then it doesn’t get added to the store. If it does fit, then it is all dandy and wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these skills, but they are time consuming, complete money sinks, or both! Dungeoneering was stated as one of their best skills; nevertheless, it wasn’t hyped as much as summoning was.

Public Interaction

A while back, interaction with players was a planned goal for the Jagex team to work with. Even so, I do agree that they are doing a fabulous job compared to years back. They have a Twitter account, Developers’ Blogs, interviews, a Youtube channel, as well as other things as well that I don’t take the time to look at. The point being that these are so many non-publicly announced announcements that I really can’t take the time to look at all of them. I’m sure if there was an announcement in-game saying, “There has been a new message on Twitter!” I probably would go check it out. In theory, it is a good idea to get these sorts of things out with the players; however, people such as I don’t access all of the social networking sites. I’ll give them a brownie point for trying though!

In theory, it was a good idea to try new things. Such as trying not to have a setline of updates to be done within the month, or them hyping the skills as best as they could for more traffic. For the most part, I am glad to go back to the classic ways of doing things. However, I still prefer to have the public interaction. Yet, I believe that there are other ways that it could have been implemented rather than using websites that aren’t on the website. Welcome back, RuneScape o’ Old!

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