The More Chaotic Side of PvP

posted by on 21st May 2010, at 12:00pm

There are now over 1500 people with over 2 Million experience in Dungeoneering. That means there is a possibility the Chaotic weapons and shields will be seen in PvP. Whether it be Castle Wars maxing and owning or inside the deadly realm of Bounty Hunter Worlds.

There are five weapons. The chaotic maul, rapier, longsword, crossbow, and staff.

The Chaotic Maul is the hardest hitting melee weapon to date. It has a +155 strength bonus compared to the godsword bonus of +132. So far the max anyone has seen has been just on the brink of 900. That is even in our very own PvP zone known as Castle Wars. To achieve this the Castle Wars bracelet and max strength bonus armor is needed. Being the same speed of a God-sword, the maul is just like having an Armadyl God-sword with infinite special attacks.

Want a fast hitting, whip-like weapon? Take the longsword instead. With an accuracy of +124 and a strength bonus of +120 it can take on a whip anytime. Even better, just like all longswords, the chaotic longsword has an aggressive style, meaning it gives a small invisible strength bonus to your hits. Its high stab rating gives it the potential to being the greatest weapon for killing the Corporeal Beast (CB). Who wouldn’t want to pk with it! It is 1-handed, unlike the Zamorak spear, so it’s just as possible to use in Pking as defeating the CB.

Most likely a complete dud when it comes to practical PvP usage is the Chaotic Rapier. It is slightly faster than the longsword, but 20 less Strength, and 30 less accuracy. This is a stab weapon just like a dragon dagger, so it maybe a better choice when fighting against melee armor. Unfortunately, this does not make up for the negative aspects. If you have 200k Dungeoneering points you might as well get the longsword or the maul.

Though, nothing says dud when talking about the chaotic crossbow and staff. The accuracy of the bow is just above that of a rune crossbow. What has changed in the max hit of this chaotic weapon? Absolutely nothing, because the max of a ranger’s hit depends on ammo. The staff is the same way (a small boost of accuracy above the staff of light.) The battle between the staves goes to the staff of life only because of its ability to save runes and special attack. Once again, magic and ranged gets the short stick in terms of power.

To make up for all of this extra power, Jagex gave us a few new shields. These new shields could be compared to the Divine and Elysian spirit shields. The reason is they “soak” up some of the damage delt to the one wielding it. Wait though. Would that not douse the value of these rare spirit shields? No, because each of these shields will drain certain types of damage unlike the divine and elysians ability to do it to any type.

  • Eagle-eye kiteshield soaks up 20% of Mage damage and 10% of Ranged damage
  • Chaotic Kiteshield soaks up 20% of Range damage and 10% of Melee damage
  • Farseer kiteshield soaks up 20% of Melee damage and 10% of Mage damage

Although this sounds very specific, they could actually be very useful. My recommendation is to use the shield that has the name of the type of combat you are strong against and you will be stronger against your weakness. An example would be a ranger would use the farseer kiteshield. Rangers are already strong against mages, neutral to other rangers. The Farseer Kiteshield will soak up the melee damage that would otherwise slice through dragonhide! Leaving you in good shape as well as giving you better regular defense on average than a rune kiteshield.

There is a small bonus of accuracy on each of these shields to the respective type (chaotic = melee bonus, farseer = mage, Eagle-eye = range), so you might choose to go with this method instead. It is up to you.

Be warned these weapons and shields come with strings attached for being so powerful. Just like barrow’s equipment, these items will degrade. After 10 hours of use from 100% charged, they will need to be charged. The price to fully charge any of these is either 20k GP or 200 tokens per 1%. This price can also be paid off with a combination of the two. (eg. 1m GP + 20k tokens to spend each equally.)

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