Miscellaneous Hunter Training Part 2

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Hello all, I’m back for Part 2 of this series. Might only be 1 more part, but I’m not that sure. Depends on how much I write. This article is going to cover training from 31 all the way to 59. Now I know you are going to want to be getting into this article, let me get started.


So right now you are at the Swamp Lizards. Stay there until 31 for a fast couple of levels. Or stay where you were before until 31 because if it’s working out for you, don’t leave. But as soon as you get to 31 you are going to want to head back to Feldip so you can catch Spined Larupia.
Caught Spined Larupia

You are going to need a teasing stick and some food, along with a knife and/or hatchet and logs. You will be able to wear a spined larupia hat, top and legs and that will help you catch spined larupia more often. If you don’t have the armour all you need to do is catch the correct hides and take those hides to the fancy-dress store in Varrock and the shopkeeper will make you the gear you need. You are going to want to catch these because they will give you the most xp at the current level. Once you hit 41 you can head down to the coasts of Karamja and start catching Horned Graahks. You will get a fair amount of xp from these guys. Again, just bring the hides to the fancy-dress store in Varrock if you want to get the gear you can make out of their hides.


This is will be Graahks and if you want to go to the desert, Orange Salamanders. If you are willing to spend 500 gp you can hunt with a falcon. Falconry is very poor xp and is really only for the hides you get to make the spotted cape, gloves of silence and spottier cape. Graahks are found north of Cairn Island and are right out in the open. Because you are over 40 hunter now, you can lay 3 different traps and run between the 3 as you try to get the Graahk to fall into the trap. Once you hit 47 you can go to the desert and catch Orange Salamanders. They are in the Uzer Hunter area, which is beside the desert lizards. You only need to be out there for 2 levels so bring some small fishing nets, a couple of ropes, a couple of waterskins and a knife and you are set.
Caught Orange Salamander

At 49 you are able to Razorbacked kebbits. So get out your Noosing wand and head up to Piscatoris. The Razorbacked kebbits will be south from the entrance to the town up there.


THis is the final stretch before the XP accumulates quite fast. Razorbacked Kebbits give 348 xp per catch! You only need to catch these from 49-53, because then you can go and catch Chinchompas (the grey ones, not the red ones). You will be able to place 3 traps down and just putting them down in a line is fine.
Caught Grey Chinchompas

The best place I found to catch them was north of where you caught the Wild Kebbits. Just keep on catching them until 59 because then you can start to get the massive xp. That massive xp comes from Red Salamanders, but that’ll be in the next part.

This is all I have for now. Next article should go to 80, but it could also go to 99, I’m not that sure right now. Well, this is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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  • ehms 88 Says:
    14th June 2010, at 1:29am

    uhmm the guide is ok but its not focusing on the main things to catch and skips soo much of the other stuff that is good exp.