Miscellaneous Hunter Training Part 1

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Hello all, this is a little late as I’ve been on Holiday, but here it is. Today I am going to talk about the different ways to get to 99, as when you get high, you’ll want to go to the lower level hunting animals to catch. This’ll be like a 1-99 guide so just skip to the spot you want to read. I’ll add in what I did to get 99, as it’s not much different, but it’ll be something to consider. This part will go from 1-30 as I’ll be covering the basics of how to level Hunter at the beginning.


This can be done in a couple of ways, the only things you can catch at level 1 are Polar Kebbits and Crimson Swifts. Polar Kebbits are in the Trollweiss area (north of Keldagrim, all the way to the shore where is it all snow, then up the steps and a little farther north) while Crimson Swifts are on the other side of the map, North of Og’glog, along the Feldip Coast. Crimson Swifts are caught with a bird snare. At the current level you can only set up 1 trap at a time, birds are better xp when you can catch more than one at a time, so Polar Kebbits would be faster in the long run. Polar Kebbits are caught by wielding a noosing wand. When you first get to them, all you’ll see are logs, caves and piles of snow. The hunting expert will teach you all you need about the hunter skill itself, along with how to catch the native Polar Kebbits. Basically, if you don’t want to talk to the expert, you will need to first search inside of a hole, and if there is a kebbit that came from it, tracks will lead out from it.
Polar Kebbit Tracking
Tracking and capturing Polar Kebbits can be done until either level 3 or level 7, as eventually it’ll become slow xp and that’s when you should switch. Common Kebbits are located in the Piscatoris Hunter area while Feldip weasels are located as far south as you can go in the Feldip Hunter area, around the Ogress Women (they shouldn’t attack you). You catch Common Kebbits and Feldip Weasels the same way as Polar Kebbits so it’s not time to get rid of your Noosing wand quite yet.

At level 9 you’re able to catch Copper Longtails. These are located at the Piscatoris Hunter area (south of the chinchompas) and you need a Bird Snare to catch them.
Copper Longtail Caught
Catch Copper Longtails can be done to any level below 19. You can get to 11 then go and catch Cerulean Twitches or at level 13 head out to the desert and catch Desert Devils. Cerulean Twitches are located in the Trollweiss Hunter area (around the same area as the Polar Kebbits) where the Desert Devils are located near the Desert lizards. All the Noosing creatures up to the Desert Devils can have their hides given in to be made into hunter clothes. This doesn’t really help with catching the noosing creatures but creatures like the birds, salamanders, chinchompas, etc it really helps out in the rate you catch them. Catching Feldip Weasels then going to Copper Longtails to 19 is the best way to get there. At 19 you can catch Tropical Wagtails, which bring in a fair amount of xp.


The next thing you can catch after you hit 19 that bring in a fair amount of xp at that level are Wild Kebbits, native to the Piscatoris Hunter area by the Copper Longtails.
A Wild Kebbit Squished
Now of course you can catch Butterflies in their native area or catch Implings around Gielinor but these give poor xp and aren’t really worth catching. Anyway, back to Wild Kebbits. You need a knife and logs to set up the trap. A hatchet is also a good idea because there is normally trees around where the deadfall traps are so you can stay there for a while. Wild Kebbits give bones and Kebbit Claws when you take them from the trap. Kebbit claws are used to make Spiked Vambraces. This can be done to 27 where you can catch Ferrets (after Eagles’ Peak). At this point you can set up 2 traps so you’ll have more of a chance at catching a rabbit or ferret, whichever you chose to catch.

After you level up twice, you can go and catch Swamp Lizards in the Mort Myre Swamp. A little southeast of Canifis is where you can catch them. Because they are used as a summoning secondary, it is worth banking them to make some money, or use to make Swamp Titans.
Swamp Lizard Caught
Be warned it is popular to catch them so it might be hard to find a world and keep them, in the end if you don’t need the money you could just release them to get the most money. You need a small fishing net and a rope to catch them. You do not lose the rope and net so no need to bring extras. The area around there is set up to only need a max of 3 traps. They catch very fast and are something to look into.

This is all I have for now. Next article will most likely go to 99, but I might break it down some more, go to 63 where you really start to make money. All I have for now, Tim Out!

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