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I’m not talking about something like a new Activity (however it can be debatable) or a new Distraction & Diversion. No, I’m talking about Dungeoneering, the new skill that was just released. You all remember that “strange power” thing that happened? Well this isn’t a part of it (to my knowledge). But that island guarded by Fremennik in the wilderness is a part of it. Dungeoneering is all about travelling to Daemonheim, either by walking through the wilderness or by taking a boat from out behind the Al Kharid Bank, and figuring out dungeons until you find the boss for that floor. To start off you are given all you need. Armour, Weapons, Runes, Money, Arrows, Food, etc and you and your party (if you chose to party) go through the floor until you find the boss. Enough about the intro to the skill, lets get into the game play.

Entrance to Daemonheim

Here is where you start off the game. Now before you go on at all, you need to talk to the Dungeoneering tutor to get a Ring of Kinship. This ring is what gets you into the game so you must have it at all times. Once you enter the game, you can wield it, saving you an inventory spot. You don’t need to make a party here, you could make one near the boat, near the entrance to the wilderness or at the temple. A party is what you bring into each level and do challenges to eventually get to the boss. Your party can go from just having one person (just yourself) all the way to yourself plus 4 of your friends, or 4 random people that need a group. This skill is based on an average of everyones skills. So if you have a low of low levels, most monsters will be low levels. Same thing for is you have all high levels. So far from what I’ve played, Construction is the only skill that hasn’t been needed (level 34 at the time I’m writing this). Once you have your party, you’ll have some options to choose. First off is what floor you’re going to be on. You’re going to see blank boxes, check marks, etc. The blank box shows what rooms you can get to, but what they haven’t done. After you’ve picked a floor, you need to pick the complexity. 1 complexity is what you need to start off, after that you can go to 6 complexity as you won’t get an experience deduction. Each complexity shows what you’ll encounter as you go along. After your complexity is chosen, you can get started (if your soloing). If your not soloing you need to chose how many people the floor should be set to, don’t worry, the game will recommend the number of people the floor should be set to. And finally, you need to set the size of the floor. Small, Medium and Large. The larger the floor, the more experience you will get. Now that you have set everything up, it’s time to get into the game.

Starting room when you enter a level

When you get in, you’ll see doors, food, a smuggler, and a lot of other things. You are given items to fight with, money to buy items, and items to make stuff with. Items down here rank by tiers, where tier 1 is the worst, and tier 11 is the best. You can only get tier 11 items from boss drops, or fighting certain monsters in on the floor that are wearing that armour. As you can expect you want the higher tier food and armour but it’s not totally required. When our all set up, just open up a door. You will get a little bit of lag as the room materializes but onces it’s there, you can go through it. As you go through the floor, you will encounter doors with shapes on them, or doors that need a certain level to open them. The doors with shapes on them need keys to open them. Those keys can be found on the floor of other rooms. You get bonuses for opening all the rooms so open as many as you can. You do not need to kill the monsters in the rooms, so unless they are a low level, or you are short on food, no need to kill them.

Horde Boss Room

When your ready and have found the boss, it’s time to go in and kill it. Once you have entered the boss room, you cannot leave it. All bosses attack with all 3 styles of combat. Prayer whatever you aren’t protected against so you have a chance on surviving and now losing any experience. All bosses have different techniques of killing them so once you find out that that weakness, when you meet up with them again, you can kill them easily. There isn’t really much I can talk about them as I’ve only encounter a couple of them. I have a Miscellaneous training article in mind for this skill but for now, I need to level it more.

Now with all of the gameplay done for, I can talk about the rewards. After each floor you complete, you will get tokens based on your experience gained. It is a ratio of 10 experience points per 1 token. Right now (not sure if this is going to change) all rewards cannot be reached by average people. Why is that? Well most rewards are 13 000 tokens or more. Following the 10/1 ratio that is about 130 000 experience points you need to gain. Which would bring you to around 73, maybe 74. Now it can make sense because of how useful some of these rewards can be but having to get to level 73 to use something, then you are able to use them at levels like 30 doesn’t really make sense. Now while I can’t tell you how good the rewards are, I can tell you they look very useful. The new prayers look useful, the Scroll of Life is going to be very useful for all farmers as you have a chance of getting your seeds back from your dead plants. The bonecrusher also looks useful for tasks like Hellhounds, Iron and Steel Dragons, etc where the bones will start to stack us when you want to save other things. Now even though the weapons have charges, they look like they will help a lot. The level 80 Defence/Dungeoneering Shields are something I am going to get because it will help me out when I’m training magic at iron dragons or killing hellhounds.

This is all I have for this article. Good job to everyone who worked on it (to many to name). Expect a couple of months before I do another article on this, as I have my Hunter series to finish. I hope you all liked this article. See you all later. Tim Out!

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  • Alex 43 Says:
    19th April 2010, at 1:25pm

    Quote: Well most rewards are 13 000 tokens or more. Following the 10/1 ratio that is about 1 300 000 experience points you need to gain.

    Me thinks you may need to run that one though again.