Getting a Bargain for your Buck

posted by on 18th April 2010, at 10:22pm

Good evening, humans. I hope you are doing well in your wonderful start of spring. Well, here in Idaho it hasn’t started quite yet, but I am hoping. Anyway, I bet some of you have gone to the Grand Exchange and tried to sell something and to your surprise, it did not sell. Shortly after the yellow bar not showing up, you decide to take it out and sell it for a smaller amount of money. Right now, I have concocted a few ways to get your bargain for a buck.

Simple Yet Time Consuming

On some occasions, it is easiest to look at an item and tell if it is not finished. For example, if you are attempting to sell a three-dose potion, the probability of it selling is lower than having a party hat sell for 5 million gp. (Warning: Over exaggeration has been detected.) Instead of selling the potion in a 3-dose, it is more likely to sell in a 4-dose. This may seem time consuming; however, you can even get a bit more human currency. Not including that it will be more likely to sell. Just don’t try selling some random potion like a Cadantine potion. That would be pretty much impossible to sell.

Decision Making

You have ten thousand mithril bars to smith. What are you most likely to do? In practically all cases, you will be losing money from however you got the bars. Whether it was a time consuming mine mission or just a quick trip to the market, you won’t get money from it. However, you can get some of the money back by deciding, which will give you the most money back. Here are a few statistics of some options I would consider in this situation:

Mithril Bar: 1.6K
Mithril Platebody: 2.9K
Loss: 5.1K / Unit (This includes using five bars to make just one platebody)
Mithril Platebody Hi-Alch: 3.1K
Loss: 4.9K / Unit
Mithril Bolt: 106 (1,060 per bar, but this does not include feathering)
Loss: About 1.2K / Unit (This does include feathers bought at 15 gp)
* These are prone to change at any time.

A small correlation in the statistics shows that the faster route in smithing makes you lose a great deal more money. I won’t discuss further which way you should go about it since it really is your choice. However, if you do have time and want to save a dramatic amount of money, go with the cheap but slow route. (Bolts in the case of smithing.)

Patience is Bliss

If none of the items that correlate with what I have said so far work – which are quite a few – I suggest just waiting a few days. Make sure that the item’s price doesn’t go off the chart if it does not sell for a couple of days. I have had multiple experiences where I had to wait at least a week for something to go through, but eventually it did and I got more money off it than I expected.

The Black Market

Are you still having trouble? Having pains to getting to that one spot in the kitchen? Well we have the right product for you! It is called the Black Market. Well, technically it is not really called the black market, but there is such a thing as public trade. There are still the forums where people have the option to buy and sell items.
The problem with the Grand Exchange is that users can go and trade exactly what they want for how much they want. You are allowed to bargain a price with users face to face. Even if it is something you did not plan to sell or buy, it is still good to get it out of your hands if you won’t be using it anytime soon. For example, if I want to sell some mithril bolts, but some random human starts spamming up my wall asking anybody if they had 9K Nature Runes. I have 30K Nature Runes that I don’t plan on using anytime soon, so likewise, I would bargain with the human.

This may or may not be helpful to your financial problems, but I am not the economist writer. I’m just here to help give tips, advice, and ideas. Some of these ideas may seem pretty far-fetched if you are a big business man and cannot use the time to wait for things. However, if you are a simplistic person that doesn’t need it now, I suggest these to you! If you have an questions or comments, please feel free to post below.

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  • simple money method Says:
    6th May 2010, at 5:39pm

    simple money: buy pie dishes (not pie shells) from anywhere except the grand exchange. sell on ge for market, i personally guarantee you will sell them all (because im buying 1m pie dishes) so you can make 100 gp from 10, 1000 from 100. 10,000 from 1000gp, 100,000 from 10,000gp, and finally, 1mgp from just 100k gp (and a little pacience)