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posted by on 18th April 2010, at 10:41pm

While I was doing my normal Wednesday runs around the world we call Runescape I got to thinking about the Fairy rings. I use them almost more than I use normal teleports. Now this may be my over-frugality, but I think it’s more because the Fairy rings are so versatile. You can easily jump from Ardougne to Edgeville by just running a bit south from Ardougne. Or go from Canifis to the Feldip Hunter Area almost instantly. Of course you cannot use the Fairy rings to their fullest if you don’t know the most useful codes.

AJR, Fremennik Slayer Cave
Useful for reaching the Fremennik Slayer cave quickly if you don’t have a Slayer ring. When combined with a Slayer ring it is the quickest way to access the Fairy ring system.

AKQ, Piscatoris
The quickest way to reach Piscatoris and the Falconry area, the In Pyre Need D&D is also close and Grey Chinchompas are located south a bit.

AKS, Feldip Hills
A quick and easy way of reaching the Red Chinchompas and Oo’glog. Useful if you want the Spa Effects from the Oo’glog Spas.

BJQ, Ancient Cavern
Probably a very widely known code by now, this ring is near Kuradal, Waterfiends, and the quickest way to reach Mithril Dragons.

BLR, Legend’s Guild
Most direct teleport to the Legend’s Guild, this code is just a short run from Ardougne and also close to an iron and coal mine.

CIP, Miscellania
Another popular code due to it being the fastest way to reach Miscellania. Good for looking after your Kingdom as there are coal rocks nearby to raise approval and the fairy can be used to teleport near the Grand Exchange to sell goods.

CKS, Canifis
One of the fastest ways to reach Canifis, the Slayer Tower, or the Temple on the Salve. Useful if you use Mazchna as your slayer master.

DIS, Wizards’ Tower
Not used too often, but useful when doing clues as it teleports you directly behind the tower near a clue area. Also good if you want to reach The RuneCrafting guild or Draynor Village without using other teleports.

DJP, South of Ardougne
One of my personal favorites due to the ease of reaching it. The Ardougne cloak can teleport you to the Monastery south of Ardougne which is just a short run East. Also good if you are using the Tower of Life.

DKR, Edgeville
In my opinion this is the single most useful code. The Edgeville and Grand Exchange banks are very close for quick banking and the Grand Exchange is useful for selling slayer loot.

Using the Edgeville fairy ring brings you near a canoe station which can be used to travel to Lumbridge, The Champions’ guild, the Barbarian Village, and a greenish patch in the Wilderness. Some people prefer using these canoes to reach the clue spot in the Wilderness as it’s faster than running from Clan wars or the Bounty Hunter Wilderness Crater.

Some fast ways to access the Fairy ring network are:
Teleport to the Fremennik Slayer Cave with a Slayer ring,
Use the Ardougne Cloak to teleport to the Monastery south of Ardougne (useful if you need to recharge prayer or want to plant/harvest from the berry bush),
Teleport to Edgeville and run east across the river to the fairy ring,
Or go to the main ring in Zanaris by homeporting/Lumbridge teleporting and then running south into the swamp and go through the door into Zanaris.

Of course there are many other codes which you can experiment with and possibly find a faster route to your destination with. If you know of some good uses I did not mention, please comment, I would love to hear them.

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