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posted by on 26th March 2010, at 9:48pm

Hello, humans, inhumans, subhumans, and superhumans. It is fantastic to see you again. I would like to take a few minutes to discuss and give a few suggestions about the game that we all know and love. FunOrb! No, just kidding.  This will be my last article for now since I will be moving to Pennsylvania, and I can not access the Internet for several months. Anyhow, I would just like to take a few minutes of your valuable time to talk about some RuneScape goals.

I bet most or perhaps all of you have created a goal of some kind. Perhaps it is to get a 99, or to get all skills to 70, or to unlock all of the music songs. Either way, most of these goals that are created are tedious and monotonous. After all, making several thousand potions and wasting millions or perhaps billions of gold to get your goal can make you go a little crazy. There is the main problem with any goal, and not just the RuneScape type. This problem is the fun factor.

I previously wrote an article on what the point of RuneScape was. This is one example of a bad thing to get into: making monotonous goals. This article won’t force you to do anything, of course, but if anything it will give you a bit of an insight of what to do for future use.
A good way to keep things a bit more fruitful is to have more than one goal. If you have a plan to get 99 Woodcutting, it could be a good idea to head for 99 fletching and magic. However, instead of doing each goal at one time, do all of them whenever you feel like it. Of course, the way I would do it was acquire the logs first. Then, I would fletch them into bows and finally alch them.

What I mean is that instead of cutting ten thousand logs until you are done, do two thousand and use them for another goal that you want such as fletching or firemaking. There are several connections between the skills that only require either a prerequisite skill or just money. I will have a chart down below to show some basic connections with the skills.

While some skills do not have a general connection to another, those that do not connect are the best type of skills to merge together. What I mean is that you should try any of the unconnected skills together in a goal. The only reason I say this is because they are less likely to be combined with other goals such as defense or summoning.

Another thing is to set and keep a pace that will eventually get you there. Playing for hours on end every day is not just irrational, it is consuming your life too much. (No offense to any person that may play like this). It is better to play for half an hour for several days than play for hours in a day. This will allow you to not only get out and do other things, but it will eventually get you to where you want. I have found myself trying to play hours on end for a goal and it ended up with me getting bored within the hour and stopping the goal completely.

All people have different goals and different ways of doing things. For example, instead of buying the ore or essence to do smithing or runecrafting, I would normally mine my own supplies. It could be different for you. You could thieve it, buy it, trade for it, or earn it. In any case, I would suggest to obtain supplies the old fashion way. Most of the time this could bring you closer to your goal if it is a supply-acquiring skill.

Sometimes it is best to steer from what I have said, but other times it is just easier and more fun to do it this way. When you are planning your next trip to the magical forest of the elves, figure out what to do with those trees other than sell them for money. It was fun writing for the Informer and I hope my articles helped for some of you. Have a wonderful April first to the thirty-first!

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  • Kirby Says:
    1st April 2010, at 4:12pm

    Just to let you know, the little note about me moving was just an April Fools joke. I bet I didn’t fool anybody, though. 🙂