Death on the Brain?

posted by on 22nd March 2010, at 1:36am

PVP can sometimes suck up supplies, depending on how much you put into it, even with the safe activities like castle wars. Potions, food, and armor replacement can make you go broke sometimes and I thought it would be a good idea to give some suggestions on how to make it back while you enjoy roughing it up.


This is the method for the hardcore people who love risking it all (or most of it at least). You’re out there in the battlefield using supplies while your money sits invested in either a crashing item(s) or its doing some good and regaining your money for you. A lot of people are doing this when the economy is flourishing. All I can say with this: watch the graphs for a while. See the trend and go for it. For me I look at dragon boots, seeds, and teleport tablets. They’re small, and easy to sell back for the most part.


This is something most combat people completely hate to do: it’s boring, and repetitive. But having those high skills can make you quick money even if you’ve lost it all. Farming has herbs that you can plant for very little money but have a huge profit in about 1 hour. Slayer is always fun for the PVP combat type! You don’t have the human randomness that could kill you but its still a great way to get out of a money slump with those great drops. Hunter, woodcutting, fishing,…just pick one and it’ll be fine in the end. Personally I’m starting to like farming cause you can plant herbs and make sure they’re 100% grown, go out and pk. If i run close to broke i go harvest and have more money to buy supplies and hopefully earn everything back that i lost.


You’ve always got friends that can lend a helping hand during crisis. If you both are good friends and have done most of the quests you could trade up to 240k. That’s enough for some equipment to do something with and hopefully u can return the 240k later with some interest. Haha, just kidding! Friends probably wouldn’t charge interest. Guess I’ll also say you could always get a 76k from someone too. People are trading 76k’s plus cash for rares so why not. If god hands you lemons make lemonade, I always say, even if they sometimes squirt you in the eye.


Here’s one I pray you are all using even if you’re not low on money. The Kingdom of Miscellania is a great way to make money or even make potions from the herbs you could gain from the kingdom. My kingdom gives me all the herbs i need to make enough potions for a weeks supply or even excess amounts which i sometimes sell off. So if you aren’t already using it than i suggest you to do the quests, and invest in the coffers about 1.5m and just come by each week to do a little mining or something and pick up the goods.

So HOPEFULLY your worries are behind you about using up potions or dying in bounty hunter. Any comments are very welcome in-case I missed anything. Everyone has their own way of making money back and I picked these up from people I’ve been around so even I wouldn’t mind learning some other techniques.

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  • specced Says:
    15th April 2010, at 11:46pm

    i have a few good ways.
    1: if your a member go to the gnome tree and at the back theres a swamp,
    pickup the toads and sell them(mabey 2m a day if you stick to it)
    2: spinning flax at lumbridge (i know its nooby but it works) (mabey 1m a day)
    if you have 47 construction(i think its that) make a teletab maker(i forgot what its called)
    if you stick to it and have a high construction and magic level you can make around 10m a week (omfg no way!) lolz
    and last
    3: the non mems way,
    easy ways in non mems are:
    killing hill giants and taking there bones.
    fishing lobsters (once i made 3m in 24 hours) (dont cook them!!!)
    woodcutting (woodcutting oaks for 24 hours can get you alot!) (seriosly? i know!)
    and last of all
    tanning cowhides!!! (fast and effective)

  • airesblood Says:
    30th April 2010, at 7:35pm

    I recently lost 3m while in pvp, the best way i found to get money is Mining pure ess
    I not only got back my 3m in a week i make a 7m profit

  • Goldy Says:
    10th June 2010, at 12:00am

    I recently Lost a main that i had always pked on but when i would pk and lose my money in armor and foood i would mine ess and cut yews for about 10 hrs and make about 5m in that i was doing that so in fact pking it self can make u money if u know what ya doing