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Teleportation is one of the most used features of RuneScape. By using the handy teleport to Varrock with a few air runes, a law, and a fire rune, going to Ghorrock with 2 laws and 8 water runes, or just teleporting to the friendly monks with the Ardougne cape, players have almost removed the need for walking.

Ring of Dueling

I’m sure everyone knows that the Ring of Dueling (also known as the ‘RoD’) teleports you to the Duel Arena and the Castle Wars waiting lobby, as well as the Mobilizing Armies courtyard and the Fist of Guthix cave. Teleporting to Castle Wars is the fastest way to bank. This method is often combined with the Spirit Kyatt, Spirit Graahk, or Artic Bear familiars to allow very fast banking when using the summoning obelisk in Piscatoris (Spirit Kyatt teleport), hunting Graahks or crafting nature runes on Karamja (Spirit Graahk teleport), and hunting Kyatts or Polar Kebbits in the Trollweiss Hunter area (Artic Bear teleport). Since these familiars allow unlimited teleports this allows the player to go back and forth from a bank to the familiar’s teleport location almost infinitely.

Teleporting to the Duel Arena with the RoD also allows fairly quick banking via the bank chests, fairly quick prayer restoration via the prayer altar, and infinite healing from the nurses at the Duel Arena main building.

The RoD can also teleport the wielder to Mobilizing Armies. This not only allows for fairly quick banking but also is the fastest way to reach the Spirit Tree system. By using the Spirit Trees, one could quickly reach the Grand Exchange, the Khazard battlefield south west of Ardougne, the Tree Gnome Village, the Tree Gnome Stronghold, or one of the three Spirit Tree farming locations (if the player has fully grown a Spirit Tree). This quick access to a Spirit Tree can also be very useful when Evil Tree hunting.

Slayer Ring

The Slayer Ring doesn’t have as many uses as the RoD in everyday life, but still useful nonetheless. It can teleport the wielder to the Slayer Tower, the Fremmenik Slayer cave, Tarn’s Lair, and Sumona in Pollnivneach.

The teleport to the Slayer Tower is nice when combined with a quick bank teleport such as the Games necklace, RoD, or Elf Crystal.

The Fremmenik Slayer cave teleport is perhaps the most useful depending on what you’re doing as it’s the fastest way to reach the Fairy Ring network. This allows easy access to many areas, including Edgeville and the Grand Exchange(DKR), the Legend’s guild(BLR), the Piscatoris Hunter area(AKQ), and many more.

The Tarn’s Lair teleport can be used to reach Burgh de Rott, which has a bank, furnance, and mini-obelisk. If one had learned the knowledge of how to craft slayer rings and had 75 crafting they could teleport here and rebuild their ring each time it was needed.

The Sumona teleport can be useful either if you use her as your slayer master or if you wish to quickly access the dusty well dungeon to fight Dust Devils or the dungeon underneath Pollnivneach to fight Mighty Banshees.

Ardougne Cloak

Any version of the Ardougne cloak can teleport a player to the Monastery south of Ardougne. This is the fastest way to reach an altar as you’ll always land within a few steps of one of the two altars. Near here is a bush farming patch and to the east is a fairy ring, making it another easy way to access the fairy ring network. The best thing about this method is that the teleports are unlimited, so it can be used to recharge prayer or teleport near Ardougne indefinitely.

Another good thing about this cloak is that it’s the second best prayer cape (when it’s the Ardougne cloak 3) with a +6 prayer bonus. It also helps when stealing from stalls and pickpocketing around Runescape. if you’ve completed the Elite tasks it can also be used to teleport infinitely to the farming patch north of Ardougne. If you haven’t completed the Elite tasks you can still teleport to the patch once a day.

Lumbridge Ring

The Lumbridge Explorer’s Ring is very useful for a few reasons. The main one being its Cabbage-port teleport which teleports the wielder to the cabbage patch south-east of Falador. This brings the player very close to the Falador allotment patch, allowing for easy farming. This teleport also brings the player close to Port Sarim and Draynor, making it a good alternative to the Amulet of Glory since there is no limit to the amount of cabbage-ports you can cast each day.

An added bonus of this ring is its +1 prayer bonus, 3 charges of 50% run energy restore, and 30 free low alchs(which give magic experience).

Games Necklace

Lastly we have the Games Necklace. It can teleport the user to the Burthorpe Games room, Barbarian Assault, Clan Wars, and the Wilderness Volcano. The games room teleport is useful for reaching Burthorpe if you don’t have a combat bracelet or prefer to use the neck spot instead of the glove spot for your jewelry teleport.

The Barbarian Assault teleport is a quick way of reaching the Barbarian Assault mini-game, the Barbarian agility outpost, the Ancient cavern, the Lighthouse, and the Gnome Stronghold.

Perhaps the most useful teleport on the Games Necklace is the Wilderness Volcano teleport. This brings the wielder to the old Bounty Hunter volcano where there’s a bank. This is a safe area so you don’t need to worry about revenants. The nice thing about this is that it puts you close to Stealing Creation.

Since the amulet can also teleport to Clan Wars it can be useful when hunting Green Dragons as you can teleport to Clan Wars, run over to the Green dragons and fill up, then teleport back to the volcano, bank, and teleport back to clan wars.

I hope this article has helped you. If you liked it or have a suggestion for a future article please leave a comment.

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  • Tim Says:
    18th February 2010, at 10:10pm

    Nice article Jason, not sure if your going to make one based on teleports and not item teleports but I’ll give you a head start. To get to the G.E. faster (if your Varrock teleport is set to go to the middle of Varrock) teleport to Mobilising Armies then use the Spirit Tree to get North East of the G.E. Same thing can go with the RoD to get to Mobilising Armies then Spirit Tree to the G.E.

  • Mi Thrill Says:
    18th February 2010, at 11:08pm

    Wow, I didn’t realize how useful Slayer Ring really is! I had been lookking for faster access to the Fairy Rings! Thank you 🙂

  • DuNnkers Says:
    19th February 2010, at 6:26am

    This article got linked by the official RuneScape Twitter.