Did you say Impetuous Impulses?

posted by on 24th February 2010, at 4:42am

Finally Hunter is being updated! Three new Implings and an addition to barehanded catching were the updates that came out this week. Before this, most people didn’t know about Puro-Puro, or even cared about it; it was a semi-useless minigame because the highly wanted implings (the Ninja and Dragon Implings for example) were never there, and also because there was a chance that when you looted the impling, the jar would break and you would get a horrible item most of the time. That still happens, but only in Puro-Puro now, as outside of that world you can now catch the implings you see barehanded!

Spirit Implings,
Spirit Impling
Zombie Implings,
Zombie Impling
and Kingly Implings,
Kingly Impling
are the new implings you can catch. Spirit Implings have a Summoning based loot, which can include charms, secondaries and the most basic of supplies: pouches. You can recognize Spirit Impling because of the colours it has and because it will also say “Wheee!” at random times instead of “Tee Hee” which is the phrase that most implings say. Zombie Implings have a Prayer based loot – bones only, going from Big Bones all the way up to Wyvern bones, and they also drop Curved and Long bones. Like the Spirit Impling, they also don’t say “Tee Hee”, they say “Braiiiiins!”

But right now, Kingly Implings are the ones everyone wants, just from the new outfit you can get from them. The Royal Set has 5 parts to it: Amulet, Crown, Leggings, Sceptre and Shirt. I have seen people offering close to 200m for just the crown, which right now is ~350k, the other parts are lower but street price is ~50m, so if you get one, and have a lot of junk, you might want to look into selling it, as it could make you some money. Or perhaps waiting until it reaches its max price then sell on the G.E would be a better bet. My guess at the max would be at least 20m for the crown as EVERYONE wants it. The kingly impling also has some other drops – very good dragon item loot (Dragon 2h sword is one), good gem loot (onyx bolts, dragonstone bolts, amulet of glory) and some others (Runite bars and Crystal Keys). This was a good update. It was helpful for bring back the hunter skill and is something for me to do while when I get bored.


Now for a special treat for the readers – I’m also going to cover Familiarisation!  This is a new Distraction & Diversion that you can do once a week. You don’t even need to complete Wolf Whistle (the introduction quest for Summoning) to do this minigame, so level 3’s can do it (as long as you can get to the Obelisk). To start the game go and talk to Pikkupstix. He will tell you he has an apprentice, Pikkenmix, who knows which Obelisk is active every 2 hours (different of different worlds) for 20 minutes each at each of those spots. You are told to go and find Pikkenmix and have him help you go to the home of all Summoning Creatures, the spirit place. Here are all the locations that Pikkemmix can be.

You need to gather resources to help druids create spirit shards. Your goal is to pick up raw shards and avoiding the familiars that will recognise you (the ones that can recognise you will be at the top of your screen).
Gameplay of Familiarsation
There are more than 60 raw shards and they don’t move from where you see them. Make sure you watch your run energy, because it can get drained very quickly. You will start off the normal colour of the familiar you are but over time your colour will begin to fade. It’s smart to see what colour you are because it corresponds with how much mental focus you have left. Besides collecting 60 raw shards, if your mental focus reaches 0 or you have been there for 20 minutes you will be forced to leave. No real techniques besides always looking at your run. If you see some of your opposing familiars around a raw shard, remember that location and come back to it later on.

There are two choices for your reward. You can either triple the number of charms dropped (charms dropped by Bork will NOT be tripled) or you can get some secondarys. If you’re not going to be doing slayer or Boss Hunting the secondaries are what you’re going to want to pick. I got 237k worth of secondarys when I did the mini game.

Overall these 2 updates were good ones. Hunter really needed an update and Familiarisation is a fun new mini game that I can add to my weekly to-do list. Good Job Mod Frédérique M (Impetuous Impulses Improvements) and Mod Marion C (Familiarisation).

That’s is all I have for now, Tim Out!

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