Ancient Warrior’s

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Ever go into a pvp situation and wonder why there aren’t more powerful weapons designed basically for pk’ing? Possibly you need more accuracy in your mage/range attacks or superior defense with a strength bonus. Well there might be something for you at possibly a cheaper price than using god equipment. We have the ancient warriors to thank for this.

Not a lot is known about these “barrows” like fighters other than they fought in the god-wars back in the 3rd age.

But hey who wants to think about story lines when i could talk about what these warriors could do with their special weapons and armor. 2 melee, 1 range and 1 mage made up the gang and each had a unique special attack.

Statius for one had defense that would make even Torags quiver in shame. With just full statius alone one can gain 350+ defense bonus for melee and range. Range can hardly penetrate Torags as it is. So its unimaginable what 100 more def would do. Now for statius’ weapon of choice? Well at first thought no one would think a war-hammer would do great. Look at the past war-hammers. Rune is rarely used even in f2p combat. Torag’s war-hammers are fairly powerful but still not a great weapon to go anywhere with. But Statius created a war-hammer that boasts a +114 strength bonus. Not only that but with the special hits up to 25% harder and decreases your attackers defense down 30%. As for only using up 35% of the special bar this could be very deadly if they don’t realize they’ve had a large chunk of their defense smashed into little fragments!

Now Vesta didn’t focus as much on the defense. Not only was there no helm, the chain mail and plate skirt just wasn’t as much defense as statius’ top and bottom. Where there’s less defense, there is more attack and strength improvements. Vesta had a killer longsword. Along with having a +118 str bonus this sword could deal 20% more damage along with being harder to defend against meaning the armor your opponent is wearing doesn’t matter as much. Now with all long swords you have a speedy weapon. So being able to hit “spec” 4 times in a row is a fairly decent ability when you could hit 60’s with it. That’s not it though. Vesta kept a spear in his arsenal too. Although not widely used as the longsword or statius’ war-hammer, it does have the highest strength bonus of the 3. Spear wall (the special attack) does damage to everyone adjacent to it and will prevent melee attacks for 5 seconds (feels like weeks inside a pvp situation).

Now for that ancient trickster: the mage. The reason why I call Zuriel a trickster is because for a possible 48 seconds he could make the match a living nightmare for range and meleers alike. His spells are inside the ancient spell-book and can be cast to slow down melee and range attacks by 50% for 12, 24, 36, or 48 seconds. Remember that 5 seconds? Well a fight could be over in 30 seconds with Zuriel’s staff and doing all sorts of ancient magic attacks such as healing with blood, freezing opponent with ice, or any other effects this magick spell-book can offer. Not only this but even a ranger can put up with the accuracy of Zuriel armor. Ive personally been through this sort of attack and i was doing everything to get away but every spell hit and eventually ran out of food and died. 50% slower attack speed is 75% of the trouble cause you hit so slowly it wouldn’t even matter if you got a couple of hits off.

Like Zuriel, ranger Morrigan had a lot of accuracy built up into that leather. With this accuracy she threw her javelins and throwing axes with great precision. Being 2 of the most powerful range weapons this made them a force to be afraid of. Morrigan’s javelins have a ranged strength bonus of +145 and had a very unique special attack. Striking the opponent the javelin would deal initial damage and then would deal a fast “poison” damage that would hit 5’s and sum up to be the same as the initial attack. For example a player hits 33 initial damage. there would be that 33 splat, and then 5,5,5,5,5,5,3 with a small interval in between each damage. With this the player with the javs would continue to attack and the other would be feasting like we do on thanksgiving. Javelins allow 2 specials per bar so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spec again as soon as the previous special has done its damage and completely empty your opponents food supply. Throwing axes are basically vestas’ longsworld in ranger form. It hits 20% harder though can only be spec’ed 2 times per spec bar instead of the 4 times like VLS.

Disclaimer/warning: These weapons and armors only last 15 minutes (corrupt version) or 1 hour (uncorrupt) and will turn to dust after being inside combat for that amount of time. They are also unsellable after you use them inside combat. To figure out if they’ve been used you should look beside the name. If it has (deg) beside it, it is unsellable.

Range weapons are a different story. They will either break on impact (corrupt) or break randomly like normal bolts/arrows (uncorrupt). And as long as they are in your possession you may sell them back.

Another note to make is that these are very expensive. But to gain anything in pvp you must usually either risk more in the end, or out-skill them. With all of this armor it is possible make enough to pay for the equipment and make a nice profit if you use it with common sense and strategically plan on when to use them.

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