Alex’s Analysis – Mysteries of the Mahjarrat

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One of the major quest series of Runescape is this Mysteries of the Mahjarrat series, which subliminally started with the Fight Arena where General Khazard was denied a couple of slaves … and his little dog too, and Lucien sought the fabled Staff of Armadyl. Just an artifact for his collection, nothing more.

At first, in the times of Runescape Classic, they were thought to just be incredibly tough humans, or simply Zamorakian generals. However, with quest after quest appearing, more and more of these fabled creatures began to appear. Almost recently, we’ve learned that Khazard and Lucien were these bone-headed creatures of power through a graphical quest update. Almost as though Jagex had then suddenly decided that these were now Mahjarrat, and these creatures were a mysterious race in themselves.

Again, it was all subliminal. Very few people knew and recognized the name (and fewer knew how it was spelled), just understanding that some of these creatures “were”. We were also give a few, “ha ha we tricked you” quests like Devious Minds, leaving us with the mystery of a stolen relic and us siding with Saradomin. Then (SPOILERS – SKIP AHEAD), after this new Senntisten Temple quest, we learn what happens to the relic and who that monk really was (again, subliminally – if I gotta credit Jagex with anything, it’s that they are very good hint-hiders).

It really and truly starts with this “Tale of the Muspah” quest, where we are introduced to Ali the Wise (also thought to be a Mahjarrat, and I have no doubts), and our character spills all he knows about the race. Not all we know, all “he” knows. I was a tad broken off my avatar for a second there when he was recalling events that, as I had done in Runescape Classic, wouldn’t have guessed they had any reference at all to the race. Now, Ali here is a hub to the continuation of the quest-line. He’s already sent you on at least 3 tasks to proceed with the story and the discovery behind the mysteries. He sent you to spy on Zemouregal, to retrieve Arrav’s heart, and to aid in the restoration of the Senntisten temple.

All these subliminal events adding up like this. It’s like you and this character have just unveiled a string of coincidences that have joined all these almost pointless quests together in one grand master-quest. It’s still in pieces, and in its development stages, but with the While Guthix Sleeps grandmaster quest out, there is no doubt Jagex are planning something big in the future.

I don’t need to tell you that I, for one, am excited to see how this series turns out, and what’s going to happen next. The Zamorakian-following Mahjarrat are all gathering for a sacrificial ceremony, which Zamorak thought to be returning. (ANOTHER SPOILER) The Zarosian Mahjarrat have resumed communication with the Empty One as well, and are too planning his return. Now only that, but Lucien now possesses all the components needed for godliness, and might become a third opponent between this upcoming conflict.

Yes, conflict. At the rates in which you are calling forth these deities, I have no doubt they’ll be pitted together in one of the most epic battles that any Javascript engine can handle.

Or even a movie.

Perhaps we’re even for a scare. Maybe Zamorak and Zaros are one and the same. After all, they’re both in a state of semi-non-existence, both are seemingly dark and powerful entities, and after the flash of light between the two as the staff of Armadyl impaled the both, they both vanished and only one reappeared. (MORE SPOILERS) In one of the quests, you learn that the Mahjarrat were called forth onto the world by Itchlarin. What role does he have to play in this? And what will Saradomin do now? It’s the God Wars all over again! How will Guthix react?

One thing’s for certain, it’s only going to get harder from here on out. Stock up on food, ready your prayer potion, collect some runes, and up that combat level, everyone. We gotta be ready for anything that the minds of story-telling geniuses we’re at the mercy of can throw at us!

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