What’cha Swinging?

posted by on 17th November 2009, at 12:12am

The name sounds a little misleading, doesn’t it? It sounds like I’m here solely to talk about melee weapons and which one is the most efficient. There’s not really any point in me writing an article like that since I’ve already covered special attacks and strength bonus.

This article is about attack bonus, range damage, and mage damage. For most people attack bonus doesn’t sound very useful, but it does increase your accuracy. Now sometimes this doesn’t matter, other times it does.

Most people don’t use stab attacks solely because most stabbing weapons have low strength bonus and people like seeing high hits.

Helm: Fighter Hat (Barbarian Assault) +5
Amulet: Glory or Fury +10
Cape: Fire cape +1
Weapon Hand: Dragon Longsword +58
Two-Handed: Zamorak Spear +85
Body: None
Shield Hand: Rune Defender +20
Legs: None
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Recipe For Disaster reward) +12
Boots: None
Ring: Onyx ring (i) +6

For a total of 112. You could use a Zamorak spear to bring the total to 119. The Zamorak spear is actually a good choice for stab because it alone has a +75 strength bonus and +2 prayer. With the items mentioned you’d have +99 strength bonus and +7 prayer bonus. Since no body or leg armor nor boots have been assigned,you could get a further +8 strength bonus and +1 prayer by equipping a Bandos Chestplate and Dragon boots(Fighter torso may be used instead of Bandos plate but you’ll lose +1 prayer). Another reason the Zamorak spear is a good choice is because of it’s fast attack rate like most high stab weapons. It is as fast as the Dragon Dagger.

Slash is the most common method of aggression. It can be done quickly and accurately (such as an Abyssal whip) or slower but harder (such as a Godsword or Dragon 2-hand).

Helm: Warrior helm and Fighter Hat +5
Amulet: Glory or Fury +10
Cape: Fire cape +1
Weapon Hand: Abyssal Whip +82
Two-Handed: Godsword +132
Body: None
Shield Hand: Rune Defender +19
Legs: None
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Recipe For Disaster reward) +12
Boots: None
Ring: Warrior ring (i) +8

For a total of +137 or +168 with a Godsword. Nice thing about the Whip is that it’s faster, but the Godsword has alot more strength bonus and a special attack you’ll actually use.

Ahh Crush, known for doing the most damage, albeit at the cost of accuracy 90% of the time.

Helm: Fighter Hat +5
Amulet: Glory or Fury +10
Cape: Fire cape +1
Weapon Hand: Dragon Battleaxe +65
Two-Handed: Dharok’s Greataxe +95
Body: None
Shield Hand: Rune Defender +18
Legs: None
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Recipe For Disaster reward) +12
Boots: None
Ring: Onyx ring (i) +6

For a total of +117 with the Battleaxe and +129 with the Greataxe. Bad thing about the Greataxe is it degrades and is much slower than the Battleaxe.

Magic attack bonus helps negate the Magic defence bonus of other players or monsters. This doesn’t mean having more than them will guarantee a hit, but it does increase your chances of hitting.

Helm: Third Age Mage hat +8
Amulet: Third Age Mage Amulet +15
Cape: God Cape(Any) +10
Spell: Ice barrage
Weapon Hand: Master Wand +20(+10% magic damage boost)
Two-Handed: Ahrim’s Staff+15(+10% magic damage boost)
Body: Ahrim’s Robetop +30
Shield Hand: Mage’s Book +15
Legs: Ahrim’s Robeskirt +22
Gloves: Barrows Gloves (Recipe For Disaster reward) +6
Boots: Infinity Boots +5
Ring: Seers’ ring (i) +8

This is a total of +139 with the wand and book and +119 with the Ahrim’s staff. The Third age hat can be swapped out for an Infinity Hat, Ahrim’s Hood, or Seer’s Helm, all of which give +6. The Third age amulet can be swapped out for a Glory, Fury, or Magic, all of which give +10. If these are chosen then the max drops by 7 points. To be Honest I’d rather have a few million more in my pockets than have 7 more magic attack bonus.

The maximum damage for Ice Barrage would be 33 with this setup and would be quite accurate. If a Zuriel’s Staff was used with Ice Barrage the maximum damage would be 35.

Ranged is one of the most useful parts of combat in RuneScape: it’s accurate, hits good, and attacks fast.

Helm: Third Age range coif +9
Amulet: Amulet of Ranging +15
Cape: Ava’s Accumulator +4
Ammunition: Onyx tipped Runite bolts +120 / Full Crystal Bow +70
Weapon Hand: Rune Crossbow +90
Two-Handed: Full Crystal bow +100
Body: Armadyl Chestplate +33
Shield Hand: Unholy Book +8
Legs: Armadyl Legs +20
Gloves: Third age or Black Dragonhide Vambraces +11
Boots: Rangers Boots +8
Ring: Archers’ ring (i) +8

The total with a crossbow and Unholy book being +206 and the Full Crystal bow being +208. If a hand Cannon is used instead the bonus is +198 with a ranged strength of +150.

The highest known hit of a Hand cannon is 56.
The highest estimated hit with a Full Crystal bow is about 34.
The highest estimated hit with a RuneCrossbow and Onyx Bolts is about 51.

Don’t quote the last two as fact because I’ve never witnessed hits those high, but from information I’ve found those look to be fairly accurate.

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  • Spoc77 Says:
    17th November 2009, at 1:25am

    😀 im glad to see your bringing back the “what’cha” saga :-p im also happy to report a clean sweep 🙂 although I have a few questions. You say stab is rarely used which I agree with but its been proved that the Corpral Beast can only be defeated using stab :P. This is more of a query than anything but is the void mage set’s ability increased accuracy? I know this is more about stats not effects just a thought that sprang to mind :-p

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    17th November 2009, at 5:03pm

    Good to hear from you again 🙂

    I’ve never fought the Corpereal Beast but I’ve heard he’s weak to stab. Unfortunately that still doesn’t classify stab as being widely used, but it is a good point to bring up.

    I specialize in Equipment, so that question is fine.

    Yes, the Void mage’s effect is only increased accuracy, not damage. Since with the setup shown here you could get +58 from the Body, legs, and gloves and +0 with the void knight I would suggest these items rather than Void Knight for maging.

    Thank you for the comment. Do you have any other areas of equipment or runescape that you’d like me to look into and write about?

  • Spoc77 Says:
    18th November 2009, at 12:50am

    😛 I always have ideas 😉 To me the next logical artical would be What’cha Summoning? As far as equipment goes, outside of combat there are only two other (well three) reasons for equipment. First for weight reduction and second for hunter camo ( I dont think fashionable items could pass as an artical 😉 )

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    21st November 2009, at 2:18pm

    Hmm, both good but I think for the most part self explanatory because there aren’t many weight reducing items and there are only a few camo pieces.

    I had thought about doing a fashion one, but I think it’d be mostly a survey of the top 10-20 most worn items and what they do/why they’re worn.

    What’cha Summoning sounds like a good one…Most used, most useful, most deadly, and most useless parhaps?

  • Tootsie Pop Says:
    5th December 2009, at 9:13am

    Do i have to comment?

  • Me. Says:
    5th December 2009, at 10:19am

    What about the one handed leaf-bladed sword, with a +67 stab bonus?

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    9th December 2009, at 1:06pm

    For some reason I overlooked that weapon. I do not know why.

    The Leaf-Bladed sword does actually have the highest stab bonus for a one-handed weapon. When combined with a Rune defender it would give +87, which is 9 higher than a Dragon longsword and Rune defender.

    The Leaf-Bladed sword is close to what a Dragon Short Sword would be if they were added except that it lacks a special attack. The Leaf-Bladed sword is a 6 bar weapon which means it attacks as fast as daggers, scimitars, the Abyssal whip, the Saradomin Sword, and the Zamorakian Spear. It is actually a decent sword for all-around combat training.

    I’m sorry I didn’t mention this weapon before.

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