Trio Tricksters

posted by on 4th November 2009, at 10:21pm

Happy belated Trick or treat everyone . For those who were 76k tricking they were in for a little treat last week. But Before I go into this though, I’d like to go into explaining the old 26k-ing, and the newer 76k-ing.

After the new PVP worlds and bounty hunter came out people began to think of how to go around the system for their own profits (as most people do that don’t want to enjoy the game to the fullest). 26k-ing came to be and pker A (dragon dagger usually) would kill pker B (which had 26k risked). Now because of how the drop tables are set up this would give pker A an awesome drop of 100k+. They would switch and usually profit even though they would both loose 26k. This evolved into 76k-ing after an update to the member’s servers that made both pkers risk 76k.

This was a problem from the 15th of July to October 26th. Now how they fixed this was to remember who killed who last, and then if someone tried to kill for “revenge” or 76k the last person that killed them it would give a smaller drop. Amazing Jagex! Everyone give them a round of applause.

Oh but hold your applause for a moment while I explain something else I realized while I went into bounty hunter worlds soon after I saw the update. Remember when I said people would do anything to get what they want even if it’s cheating the system? Well they already broke through. Only because you can find this everywhere on the forums and all of you are smart as it is, ill divulge the strategy. Truly simple really:

1 kills 2
2 kills 3
3 kills 1

I haven’t truly tested this out because I don’t believe in making money via any 76k method, but I’ve came across a 76k trio that gave definite proof of 500k+ drops and that’s sufficient to be a greater drop then what I’ve gotten from avenging my death on a pker that recently k0’d me. The great thing about this is if you do somehow accidentally kill by “revenge” or something similar you only loose e.p. depending on how much dropped. Low value drop = low e.p. loss.

What could become of this update though? Has it failed totally? Well Jagex COULD increase this tracker to where there would have to be a chain of 5-10+ players needed to 76k; but that would be tougher for me to picture them creating code for then this recent update. 5 or more people would mean it would be slowed down tremendously from just time it takes to get around to another person and from having to plan this out. So it would in theory work to completely abolish 76king or dwindle it down to the few people that can’t make money any other way. Only time can truly tell especially with Jagex. One day they should get this bounty hunter system close to being flawless.

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  • Alex 43 Says:
    5th November 2009, at 12:02pm

    I agree; if money is involved, I imagine clans will form purely for the cause should they need 10+ people to pull it off, and it wouldn’t be that easy. As for coding it, from a programmer’s point of view, it actually doesn’t sound too hard. Simply create a list of previously “own’d” players in every player object that you can’t 76K off and have it shift over with every kill, removing the player at the end.

    It’s a flawed system, but anything else would most likely cause an uproar. What can they do?