Thanksgiving 2009: Event and Cryptic Clues!

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Last week, part of the Thanksgiving event was leaked, most of everyone did it before the update was announced, but from most people’s reaction, it was not worth their time. I actually liked the quest due to the fact it was like the ending of While Guthix Sleeps. You are the event by talking to the Lumbridge Cook’s Brother (he is dressed in Red). You are told the Cook and his brother have been feeding special food to the turkeys to make them lean and more tasty, but this has made them stronger and more aggressive, and the turkeys have now formed an army to resist being roasted. You are then asked if you want to help, and if you accept, you are teleported to beside the windmill north of the castle. The Cook’s brother gives you some Fabled Gravy of Turkey Slaying (which he claims came from the “Gravy Boat of Saradomin”) and, even though it doesn’t show it, your stats are increased just like in the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Once you are ready you are now able to head in and kill the level 138 mutated turkeys that have 1 000 hit points. Now is your time to have fun and see some high hits, even on a level 3! Level 3’s are able to hit a whopping 199! Where members are able to hit 200+ with the help void melee armour (because of the 10% attack bonus). The Cook’s Brother will shout out sayings after each kill that relate to a thanksgiving and turkey theme. After each kill, a raw turkey and bones are dropped. The Cook’s brother says they will come back and get the raw turkeys later but allows picking up the bones and burying them for xp, I should add now that you get no melee xp from attacking the turkeys. After the event, if you go back, there will be no raw turkeys on the ground and you are not let back into the area. Other than being able to hit really high numbers there is nothing you gain from this event at the time of the release, but on Thursday, November 26th/2009, the turkey event was released. But with that came another event, a clue scroll type of event. This event is called Cryptic Clues Fest. On Thursday, the first clue was released and it started for what has become some very good clues to bring us to a new item and a new emote.

This first clue was actually (in my opinion) an easy clue. It was easy to figure out and was fun to figure out as well. Each clue related to a row. The first row in the chart was for the first clue and so on. Now some words didn’t make any sense but you don’t need those, you just need to make a word that matches the clue item, then take the item in the chart that corresponded to the clue and put the required amount of that item into your inventory, then go and speak to “a sponger of Lumbridge”.
Thanksgiving 2009 First Clue
Above is the clue for Thursday, November 26th/2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Inventory for First Clue
And above are the items needed for Thursday, November 26th/2009

And that is your next clue to who you will need to talk to next. Form the clue, “server of drinks” would be a servant of some sort, but “near the border of the lawless lands” and “he’s a real smiling swine” give it away. This next clue leads you to having to bring more items to the bartender of the Jolly Boar Inn north east of Varrock and a little south of the wilderness.

On Friday, November 27th/2009, the next clue was released a little harder than the other one because we were given lines of text and that was it. Now if you look you will be able to sort of figure it out (as my mom showed me when I looked at the clue with her how what you need relates to each 2 lines of text). Really the only clue that can help you out, other than a slip of the mouse, is the line “With wisdom comes the ability to read between the lines, so don’t let us down!” This is referring that we literally need to “read within the lines” and to do that, just press ctrl+a (or command+a on a mac) and all that you need will be shown.

Thanksgiving 2009 Second Clue Not Highlighted
This is what the clue will look like before you highlight the text…

Thanksgiving 2009 Second Clue Highlighted
And after you highlight the text.

Thanksgiving 2009 Inventory for Second Clue
And now above are the items you need for Friday, November 27th/2009

When making a cake, you need a pot of flour, one single egg and a bucket of milk, so the only thing that you need that will come in a bucket when baking a cake is milk, so get yourself 2 buckets of milk. But this clue also relates to the text above it at the end, the “can you rise to the challenge” part. The second part of the clue is simple looking up what you need to catch herring and that item in Fishing Bait, so with that being said, get yourself 7 fishing bait and your ready for the next item needed. In the clue, the part “You may need to cast your line to the farthest reaches of Gielinor in order to obtain all you need” is the reference to the item needed.?Ah, the Romans had their own numerical system and it comes into Runescape. CCXXVII is the amount of coins you need for the third item for this clue. C is for 100, X is for 10m V is for 5 and I is for 1, so when you put it all together, you get 227 coins. So bring 227 coins to help you figure out “What treasures you will discover!”?When smithing anything, you need a hammer, it will allow you to “hit the nail on the head” of anything your making so it’s the only logical thing needed. When I first read it through I though Iron, but it’s the words before that that give you the clue for the item needed. “You must now strike while the iron is how!”

The clue the Bartender at the Jolly Boar Inn is this. “The fella you need retails pricey rocks in the west of the city of the white”. That’s all you need. The bartender is telling you to go to the gem selling south of Falador’s West bank. Falador is the city of white and it is one of the only gem sellers Free to Play can talk to (the other is in Al-Kharid.)

On Saturday, November 28th/2009, the third clue was released was hard in some parts, and easy in the other parts. There is no hidden text but some word puzzles. The first puzzle was about a tailor and he is making a coat. He has bought 55 threads and you need to figure out how many extra thread he has. The second is about brothers Fred and Geoff. They have just bought a 10-acre plot of land and split it equally, so you need to figure out how much of the 400gp they earned from selling their produce they each get. And the third clue is a challenge if you don’t really under stand it. There are 2 parts to it but what you need to do is figure out what letter is in one of the words, but not in the other.
Thanksgiving 2009 Third Clue
Above is the clue for Saturday, November 28th/2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Inventory for Third Clue
And above are the items needed for Saturday, November 28th/2009

Now for the explanation of each clue. The first clue you are given can easily be figured out if you write out all out. “A tailor is making a new coat. He needs half the amount of threads that are in the hem for the collar. The sleeves need four times as many threads as the collar. The trim, which is the same as the hem, requires ten threads. The sides need five times less than the sleeves. If the tailor buys 55 threads, how many does he have left over once he’s made his coat?” From the text, he needs thread for a hem, collar, sleeves, and the sides. The trim and them hem both have 10 threads each, as it is labelled in the text. The collar needs half the thread that is in the hem, so that’s 5 threads in the collar. The sleeves need 4 times as many threads as the collar, so that turns out to be 20, then you can figure out the amount needed for the sides, which are 4. You add the amount of threads needed and you get 49. He bought 55 threads, and only used 49, so 6 threads are left and that means you need 6 red spiders’ eggs. If you can’t get the eggs from another player, or from the G.E. in the area of the wilderness that can be accessed from the edgeville dungeon, run north and there are red spiders’ eggs that spawn there, so get 6 and teleport out, hopefully not being hit by a revenant. The second clue gave me some troubles, and my mom some troubles as well. “Fred the Farmer and his brother, Geoff the Gardener, have acquired a ten-acre plot of land between them. They split the rights to the land evenly and go to work at planting seeds and crops on their half of the farmland. Farmer Fred starts from the west, while Geoff the Gardener starts from the east. Fred plants seeds at twice the rate Geoff does, but Geoff ploughs an acre every ten minutes while Fred takes twenty-five minutes. Selling all of their produce results in 400 gold coins between them.” At first you would think that you need to figure out how much work each person did, but it’s more simple than that. They have split the 10-acre plot evenly, so that means that you just divide 400 by 2 to get 200 gp each. It’s that simple to figure out how many coins you need. The third puzzle is just seeing what letter in the first word is not in the second word. “My first is in jungle but not in rectangular, My second is in blunder but not blender, My third is in gallant but not in talent. To this you will need to add the following: My first is in dwarf but not in farced, My second is in battle but not in mettle, My third is in monster but not in ransomed, My fourth is in mention but not in notion, My fifth is in thread but not in death.”
Jungle/Rectangle = J
Blunder/Blender = u
Gallent/Talent = g

Dwarf/Farced = W
Battle/Mettle = a (B is also not in Mettle but the word doesn’t make sense with B)
Monster/Ransomed = t
Mention/Notion = e (M is also not in Notion but the word doesn’t make sense with M)
Thread/Death = r
When the letters are put together, you get this: Jug Water

So you need to get 3 jugs of water as the last item needed for this clue. Once you have 6 red spiders’ eggs, 200 gp and 3 jugs of water, it’s time to head over to Herquin to get your next clue. “Head on to where the ground is granular and the solar spectacular, then quiz the fellow who likes to peddle pasttimes to parched passers-by. He’s a good sort and should provide you with what you are looking for.” This clue is bringing you to Faruq in Al-Kharid. “Ground is granular” is referring to sand, and the only play in Runescape with lots of sand and is in a Free to Play area and is you read on, Herquin referrers to someone that you can buy contraptions from that can be used for organising games.

Thanksgiving 2009 Fourth Clue
Above is the first part of the clue for Sunday, November 29th/2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Inventory for Fourth Clue
And the above is the items needed for the first part of Sunday, November 29th/2009 clue


And now for clues for Sunday. When I first saw the first clue, I had no idea how to figure it out, nor did I figure out how other people got it. “On one of my many journeys about Gielinor, I encountered the strange beast known as the Chaos Elemental. When I came across this swirling vortex of randomness it was holding a rather mundane looking chest. “What items do you have in that chest?” I asked it. The creature responded: “Its no Mirasol all Gentle cats can tilt red Romulans rear crease bulbs salt gate” Thoroughly confused, I told him I didn’t understand. Again, the bizarre monster responded: “43 – 35 – 27 – 19 – 11… Use what follows to skip over the answer.” Confused? By Jove, that’s an understatement! I was dumbstruck for a while, but I remembered my lessons in deciphering secret messages and eventually I cracked it! An odd assortment of items, but then the Chaos Elemental is a strange being! Anyway, you’ll need three of the first item, ten of the second and the number you get if you take the first from the second for the third. Haha!” The sentence given you could never figure out just by itself. You need to figure out the next sentence to get your answer. 43-35 is 8, 35-27 is 8, and that goes on until 11, so when you go 11-8 you get 3. Following the instruction you need to use 3 to get the answer, and to get the answer, you need to could every 3 letters and write down what you get. In the end, after counting 3 letters over and over again, you should get smallnetairrunecabbage, so spilt the words apart and you get small net, air rune and cabbage. You need 3 small nets, 10 air runes and 7 cabbages. After showing Faruq in Al-Kharid those items, he will tell you how to get your reward. He will highlight 3 things in red, but all you need is the last saying, “As for what you’ll need, it’s a bit muddled, but I know a place you can read up on this kind of thing. As I gaze into my crystal ball, I spy something about “Active game player rescues our cliff imp?” That’s most odd, but it should lead you to a place where you can find the items that you’ll need. Now go, our leader is waiting for you.” Active game player rescues our cliff imp is a PERFECT anagram of “Creative Gameplay – Forum Specific Rules”.

Thanksgiving 2009 Fifth Clue
Above is the Final Clue for the Cryptic Clue Fest

Thanksgiving 2009 Inventory for Fifth Clue
And above are the items needed for the Final Clue for the Cryptic Clue Fest

Once there, scroll down and you will see the final clue for the Cryptic Clue Fest! 3 more items are needed. The first puzzle is that you need to find the person who isn’t lying. “Let me introduce Mod Mark H, Mod Kathy and Mod Crow. Each of them is going to tell you *one* of the items you will need. The only problem is – only one of them is telling the truth.

Mod Mark H: “You need a Cabbage” Mod Kathy: “You need an Egg” Mod Crow: “You need a Potato” But who is lying? Mod Mark H: “Don’t believe Mod Kathy; she always lies! She stole my princess crown!” Mod Kathy: “Don’t listen to Mod Crow; he lies! He isn’t even a real bird!” Mod Crow: “Don’t listen to either of them; they are both lying. They are both lesser beings, after all!”

Figure out who is telling the truth – you’ll need three of their item!” This one was a little tough for me. My only clue into getting this right was Mod Mark H’s statement “She stole my princess crown” That was my hint that he was lying, and so that meant that Mod Kathy wasn’t lying, so Mod Crow’s statement was also false. So seeing Mod Kathy is telling the truth, you need 3 eggs in your inventory. For the second puzzle, you are given 5 items and you need to pick the ‘Odd One Out’. My mom and I had troubles with this until she thought that all but the chisel can be worn on your head. It’s the only thing I can think of so unless you know what it is, pm me on the forums and I’ll edit it in. And for the last clue, it’s a long puzzle which basically asks you how many coin the group is carrying. “As I was travelling to Falador, one bright and sunny day, I came across a group of knights, heading towards the other way. There were thirteen knights in total, each noble in their attire. Each knight then had three attendants – officials known as squires. Each peasant lad was charged with caring for three mules, or t’would be their hides. Each mule had then two packs apiece, in each pack a coin to pay glad tithes. ?The number of coins the party possessed – this you must unravel! For the same amount of golden coins will surely complete your travel!” I’ll just write out the math equation, as it will make sense hopefully. 13 * 3 * 3 * 2 = 234 gold coins. There are thirteen knights, each having 3 squires (or peasant lads). Each peasant lad has 3 mules, and each mule had 2 packs each, and each one had one single coin in the pack. So you need to multiple all the given information and get an answer of 234gp.?With all the items in your inventory, it’s time to head to Lumbridge to get your clue. The first 2 clues the Faruq gave you. South of a Furnace and East of a Store. In the Free to Play area of Runescape, there is only Lumbridge that has a furnace and a store close together. And the second part, North of a bard and west of a river tells you that you are going to Roddeck, the NPC that gives players advice using the Advisor system, is the NPC that you get your reward from. The reward for this event is a Magnifying glass and a new emote that occurs when you wield the Magnifying glass and operate it.

Thanksgiving 2009 Wielding Magnifying Glass

Now most people I’ve talked to don’t like this event, but I really like it. It was fun to do and really tested my mind. Now this could possible leading to a new skill, or a new quest or quest series, but we can only wait. I really liked this event and I can’t want to see what Jagex have instore for the other holiday events they have. Good job Mod Howes and Mod Mark H. This is all I have to say for today, hope you like this event, Tim Out!

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