RuneScape Classic : A Glance Back

posted by on 30th November 2009, at 1:13pm

Happy holidays, readers! I would like to write something based on giving. However, I found myself thinking of only one thing Jagex is currently giving “back” to the community of RuneScape. So Runescape Classic is back for a while, eh? Well when I heard this I was thinking back to the times of when I was playing RuneScape Classic. While I was thinking of it I thought of how it was so hard to control. I would like to share some expressions on the RuneScape Classic coming back.

The Bad

During the time Jagex closed down RuneScape Classic, I was able to keep my account for a while. However, none of my computers are able to get the applet running properly anymore. From either the keyboard being unresponsive to the applet only appearing white, whatever it is, it won’t allow me to get a step into RS:C. So for now I am unable to get a seat in the Classic reopening.

I will be honest when I say that I didn’t play RuneScape Classic before RuneScape 2 was released. I actually started playing after I started the modern-time game. Now I realize that after seeing all the luxuries of the current version, the old game would be difficult to maneuver through. However, I found it even tough to figure out how to open the first door of the tutorial. Which I think shows one of two things: I am too stupid to open the door the first time or the game is programmed a little funky.

Okay, maybe it is both options, but what I do know is that several prime concepts of the game are too “realistic” for an actual game. For example, when banking, only one person is allowed to bank because the banker can only talk to one user at a time. Or you most often fail at chopping a tree and have to click excessively in order to receive a log.

Alright, so by now you have realized that it seems I have nothing good to say about RuneScape Classic. So for those that haven’t played the game before. I will admit that there are some things about RS:C that are good.

The Good

For the time that RS:C was made, the graphics were quite good for its time; at least for a Java-based game. While playing it now, I would think it looks horrible, but I do have a brother that plays games that has even worse quality of graphics. So to enjoy the graphics, you have to look at it with a nostalgic standpoint.

The PvP concept is overall better than our current tradition. Instead of going to certain worlds or the wilderness to fight, people were allowed to fight anywhere, as long as the two players accept duels. Furthermore, if you’re one that despises the way people just run away before dying, then look no further. In RuneScape Classic Jagex created a system where you must fight for a few moments before breaking it off; this makes PvP a whole step fairer. Unless you are on the losing side, that is.

I don’t mean to get false images of RuneScape Classic in your head. In fact, I had some fun in trying to figure out how to open that confounded door. What I am trying to say is that when you log into it, just be aware that it isn’t like the game you know and love. For those of you that have taken the “turkey” that Jagex has prepared, let me know what you think of it by either commenting below or messaging me on the forums. After all, I haven’t played it in over a year! 😮

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