Woodcutting Rebalancing!

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There are many spots that you can go to, but the main one I’m going to talk about it at the Sawmill with a new mini-game available there, Sawmill Jobs:

There are no requirements to play this mini-game but a high woodcutting level will help you get the most xp per hour.

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New things that came with this Release:

  • When cutting teak and mahogany trees, there is a chance you can get a special log, these logs can be traded in for either money, or if you have 2, you can trade them and have your whole inventory of logs (normal, oak, teak or mahogany) planked for free.
  • Of course, as I’m going to explain, there is a new mini-game at the sawmill.
  • Woodcutting has finally been re balanced and a new type of tree has sprouted all around Runescape called Ivy, you get no logs from it and is a good way to train woodcutting, but with that no profit comes.

Now, for a review of the minigame:

All you can hear is a buzzing when you first enter the sawmill mini-game because all you do is make planks. With this mini-game, talk to the overseerer and ask how to do things. A hammer and hatchet is needed to partake in the mini-game, so make sure you bring your Saw (Regular or Crystal) and any type of Axe and your set to go. After talking to the overseerer, it’s time for you to get your first job.

Woodcutting Rebalancing Jobs

There are many possibilities for what what you will need to make then you get a job

When you start, you need to put logs into the planker. That planker is able to have 63 logs loaded into it. And with that, you will get 72 Planks back. Now you and I both know that that make no sense at all, but it’s how it was for me, so that will have to do. Anyway,  you can put 63 logs in and you should most likely be good for your whole job (easy for sure, not that sure for hard seeing there are so many possibilities for how many of each type of plank shape you need to make.

Woodcutting Rebalancing Types of Cuts

These are the types of plank shapes you can make

After you have your logs planked, it’s time to make the cuts and ship them off. As you can see, it shows what is easy and hard, but no matter what, you will be able to mess up the cuts. Sometimes this will result in not making any plank shapes at all, but most of the time you will make at least one. At the upper corner of your screen you will see how many of each you still need to make. You’re able to go over the limit there, and in the end, you can take out as many as you want from there. When you are all done with your job, talk to the overseerer and get a new job. That’s it. The rest I can say is that it is alright xp, Lumberjack can be used to get more xp but it isn’t something I would recommend to someone to get a lot of xp fast, that is what Ivy is for. Anyway, have fun with this update. Tim Out!

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