The Statue of Coins

posted by on 29th October 2009, at 9:18pm

Welcome to the first edition of the new b&b pvp article! Looking through forums and past conversations with pk’ers as I sit and wait for a target, the most relentless topics that seem to be up are about statuettes gained in “bounty hunter” and “pvp worlds”. What’s the deal you may wonder though? They create a huge amount of wealth in pure coins. This causes inflation and within any system of economy that’s bad. Jagex put these statuettes into the game on the 16th of June to replace drops such as abyssal whips and others that were taken out of BH drops. Here’s the most coveted statue:
ancient statuette
Ancient statuette – 5m coins

The drops of these high level items (whips, dragon full helms, etc.) were bad because people stopped killing thousands of monsters that dropped them after seeing it was easier to just 26k or go pking to obtain them. This caused a stockpile of these items in the g.e. to build up and the demands go down. With statuettes it seems to be the other way around. Coins are easily obtainable and so people are able to buy these high value items easier so the demand is going up causing prices to rise constantly. Most items have returned to their former price because of this offset but have actually now started to go beyond that. (Yes, merching clans have an effect on high priced items too)

The trouble doesn’t stop there though, not by a long shot. With the old style of pking one person would die and the pker would gain all of their items. This would keep a stable economy and keep most everything inside the game. With the new style people would do the same thing but would make at least 75% of the items worn by the person being killed disappear plus create new things (usually of more value then what the killed lost). Depending on the e.p. of the killer items would be created such as these statuettes. Now what’s this got to do with the statuette drops killing the economy? Well this might spawn a few decisions on how Jagex could fix the drop tables and get rid of the statuettes.

Talking with others including clan chat, one idea would be to create this invisible archive of everything dropped in PVP and bounty hunter. This would become the drop table and work sort of like the e.p system of today. A set amount of items would be put into this “cloud” so the first few people would actually gain something. But every death would essentially put all of those dropped items into the cloud and stay within the game till people pk’ed and gained those drops depending on their e.p. %. The cloud would also be rs wide to get the best variety of drops.

On a shorter more positive note, the statues have been a better solution to past problems. No longer are gold farmers able to use pvp as a way of transferring gold, yet legit pk’ers are able to enjoy their drops and the time obtaining them. People always find a way to criticize these updates though and not too many look on the good side.

If anyone has another idea, don’t be afraid to share it on the Runescape’s official forums. I’d love to see them too 🙂

PVP random tip of the month: Inside stealing creation don’t forget to use your familiar to their full use. When fighting far from your base they can be useful for banking your armor if you get into a sticky situation.

Questions? Comments? Pm me on the forums or even below would be fine.

Happy PVPing and stay tuned for the continuation’s of this topic real soon 😉

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  • Spoc77 Says:
    30th October 2009, at 4:58am

    Hmm nice artical although at first glance it seems a little short sighted for example take god swords not many people know this (other than those who constantly go to god wars) but recently jagex changed the behaviour of the god wars generals making there attacks more random and harder to be tanked or teamed for that matter meaning less drops. Dragon claws are the same they now tormented demons change prayers and attack with less delay. Jagex want to reduce the number of people going to pvp with stockpiles of the “big” weapons and racking up mass amounts of cash before their ep runs out. Just an opinion :-p

  • killer Says:
    2nd November 2009, at 7:10pm

    whips weren’t in the droplist lol. more of ppl getting smited out for whips, which isn’t really that common.