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posted by on 19th October 2009, at 7:34pm

Hola, muchachos y muchahas. Gracias por abrir este artículo! (Thank you for opening this article.) If you are thinking this is going to be a pessimistic article, it isn’t. The title doesn’t quite point out what it’s all about. Anyway, what’s the point? Ever since I have been in school this year, I have been asking that more frequently and I have seen others question this over the years. And for the most part, the point of playing RuneScape, isn’t to keep leveling your skills, do dull quest after dull quest, or gain money for items. This will actually be on what the real reason of RuneScape is and how it really should be implemented.

To start off with, I know that all of you realize that RuneScape is a game, made by creators of Jagex for a mass majority of players around the world. However, after playing it for over 5 years, I have to question people on whether they know what a game is. So, I have been so expertise and looked it up on a rare, expensive database of knowledge to look up the word. There are many definitions of the word, game. However, I felt this one was most appropriate, and I quote, “A game is any kind of sport that normally has some kind of spectators. In some way, this game must be fun for those who play and/or watch it.” (The Internet)

Now let me ask you this again, do you find the things you do every RuneScape hour fun? If not, then I would consider that you might want to rethink your goals. For example, I base most of my goals on things that I find fun or interesting. And of course, the RSBandB events may be fun, but they only last a few hours. Find something you do enjoy instead of running agility circles hundreds of times. (Unless you enjoy that sort of thing!) If you would like something dynamic, try farming! (Shane12088) At times you might like to be hunting across the continent for clue scrolls. Anything that will make your game more enjoyable to play will add to your experience as a Scapian. On the contrary, I cannot tell you what your tastes are. That is for you to figure out by testing anything you haven’t done before. Or you could even try things you didn’t like before. For example, I hated farming a few months ago, but after bringing in a new perspective, I love it! Although I am doing other things, I try to do it as much as I can.


Now you might ask on how you could advance by using my advice. It is true that if I followed my own advice, there would be about 4 or 5 skills that would be extremely down in the level 20s area. No matter, I have a solution for this as well. Personally, I find herblore, mining, summoning, and combat skills tremendously tedious. So either I find some other way to put these skills in other perspectives, or do the skill a little at a time. Are you still confused? Well think of the 5 key combat skills. I don’t just dislike doing these skills. I HATE them. So the huge thing I do is bring in the Slayer perspective. I love Slayer and I know the majority of BnB does as well. The drops are nice on most my tasks, I hit three birds with one stone (hitpoints included), and I always get the feel for a dynamic game style.

To conclude, I realize that a lot of you won’t really follow and put this into your “lifestyle”, but I really think you should try some of what I have said. Not only will it make playing RuneScape not so hard, but it will give you amusement for what RuneScape was really made for. Some of you may have this defined like common knowledge. And others will be thinking that some of the things Jagex makes is utter nonsense, or also known as Worst Update Ever, but there is bound to be something for everybody. Now I would like to close up with a phrase that should really have a new meaning in your life:

Happy Scaping!

Brought to you by the Happiness of Gaming Society. If any of you were depressed by reading this article, please contact Kirby The Xablizener immediately. Thank you.

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