Alex’s Analysis – What the Future Holds

posted by on 22nd September 2009, at 12:40am

For a while now, we’ve been learning the upcoming of Jagex’ latest projects through means other then the monthly update (which, I admit, was a lot more fun to look forward to). Developers blogs, twitter accounts, even subliminal messages in the Postbag and Players Gallery (which, for some odd reason, seems to happen half-yearly now).

With the guidance of their new CEO, MMG, they have really come out from behind the scenes and have started walking through the crowd. Heck, even just recently, they have invited a talented machinima-maker (nobody they know whatsoever) over to the Jagex Studio itself.

Anybody else think it’s incredible? One moment, Andrew Gower doesn’t even show his face, and the next they’re flying over people who could very well be demented arsonists (though I doubt it) for a day of fun and friends. It’s almost showing that they have become so stable in profit and production that they are finally able to get more in touch with the unknown and potentially untrustworthy.

So, what does the future hold? How much bigger will Runescape become?

Well, eventually, it will have to see the release of the final part of the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat, in which Lucien will be dealt with, Arrav will be saved (or killed), and all the others sent on their merry way depending on how they look at me. In fact, several quests and story-lines need completion. How much longer will we have to wait to get that Holy Relic back from that bow/sword dude (and get that weapon for ourselves)? When will Ali Morrisane finally make his move? How much time does it take a Fairy Queen to plot something that could just as well involve me running into the throne room with a spear and decking the little midgets into a shish-ka-bob?

In fact, the recent quest, “Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf”, had me hoping that we would at least charge in for a little bit of sabotage and take on at least the Red Axe secretary. But no, all we learn is that (SPOILERS) they’re manufacturing chaos dwarves with a wickedly-detailed machine and Veldaban quits his day-job. All that time in waiting, and … that was IT?!?

OK, props to Jagex for finally creating an NPC that, when following, actually “runs” behind you. I was getting a little annoyed at the teleporting walkers (or worse, those that didn’t).

See, that’s why I liked the monthly updates. At least you didn’t expect as much so that when it was delivered, it could only what a quick expectation, or a long bout of fun. Tell us your project 3 months ahead, and we will expect something long, tedious, and extreme instead of an hour-long tunnel tour.

Now I’m looking at the upcoming Zanaris update. Huge make-over, beautiful scenery, and perhaps a quest to join finishing the Fairy Tale series, getting the NPC farmers their crops back, and finally letting the Queen retake their throne and rightful place instead of me having to listen to all those orks rummage the place and a gangster mob boss who is kind enough to let me bump into him without his guards even taking a look at the large, freaky human-like creature invading his personal space.

I really don’t want this to seem like a rant. In fact, I have very good expectations as to what’s to come. I’m proud of the team to make themselves more open to player desires and standards. Heck, it’s a lot more fun to wait and imagine the outcome of these stories then to finish them off once and for all anyways! I’m just saying that if you guys are going to be taking so much time in making your next update, at least actually take the time and make it interesting in as many ways as possible, please. Throw in a hundred easter eggs here and there, or a few secret passageways that reward us with stories and subliminal updates like the Spirit of Summer series did. Those are fun. Makes the updates last a good long time.

That’s all. Keep up the good work, guys! See you in the game!

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