4 Trials of RuneScape

posted by on 29th September 2009, at 8:12pm

Since the beginning of your lifetime, you humans have had to go through tests, trials, quizzes, and exams. Since school for most of you has started, I would like to write on the challenges in our game we know and love. If you don’t love it, then I can’t ponder to reason with you on why you would read this unless you like my writing. There are four main challenges in the RuneScape world. While there are millions of challenges that you can conquer, I will shorten most of them into categories, for the sake of time: skills, quests, diaries, and multiplayer.


When was the last time you mined some iron ore? Or perhaps cook a lobster? Last month? Okay, but do you know what level it takes to even do these tasks?
To be perfectly honest, I had no idea until I actually looked it up (Level 40 Cooking and Level 15 Mining). Although those that have high levels in all skills take these “basic” proceedings for granted, they still challenged us with time and effort to be able to do them. All skills are related to the game in some kind of way. This includes the other categories written in this article.

In one way or another, each skill is unique and difficult in its own way. As many people have stated, Fletching and Cooking are the “shunned” skills because they are so easy to obtain. However, I remember it taking me months to actually get 99 Fletching. In my personal opinion, I find that Herblore, Slayer, Runecrafting, and Summoning are the hardest to level.


Ah, when doing this, I had controversy on whether to add this one or not. Quests aren’t like they used to be. If you needed help with a quest, there was only your quest journal to help you out. However, the fan sites and even Jagex help you when you’re in dire need. But I will be focusing on not using a guide. Although there are some quests that are straight forward, such as Cook’s Assistant, some I find an extremely challenging puzzle. This includes the Lunar Isle, desert, and other storylines. Not only do these types of quests take a good amount of time, but they actually have you think. For example, in the quest Dragon Slayer, did I have any idea what a worm string changed to a sheet was when I was first told it? Of course I didn’t! I don’t mean to get all “in the olden times” on you, but I didn’t have access to guides like we do nowadays.
And guess what is also required to the challenge of questing? Yep, you guessed it! Skills. Although there is cleverness in select quests, the majority requires that you have a minimum of any skill. Most are low-level requirements, and some are high. But it really is controversial if you are new or old to the game.

Achievement Diaries

“Dear Diary,
I have achieved many a much in the last few days. Ever since I received the extremely difficult level of level 72 slayer to kill a wyvern, I have been showing off my sweet looking shield. It hasn’t shown much fame, but I’m proud that I finally raised my slayer up 20 levels in order to get it. Before I slayed the dragon, I also forgot that I didn’t summon the ibis familiar or grow a yew tree. So it delayed me until I woke up late the next afternoon.
In other news, I have found out that my best friend, Kirbster1995, has been somehow been able to get into this diary. I have set up a trap so if he sends this to any person but to himself, he will get a virus. Yeah, that’s right Kirby. I am onto your filth-“
Oh sorry, for that last part. I wanted to use this as an example for the Achievement Diaries section, but the virus ended up to be real and what it did was it wouldn’t let me cut it off. I successfully took off a little bit at the end with a hacking code that I shouldn’t even be telling you about.
Anyway, the third section I say is the diaries of achievement. These are random, annoying activities that only the masters are able to do, and, in return, get a small, decent reward. I have to admit that I have not finished any of them except for the beginner Lumbridge and Karamja diaries. And these are all consisted on the basis of skills. They get harder skill requirements as you go up in complexity settings.


Yes! I got the Frankenstein creatures cave by myself! Now I can finally get my next defense level in peace. You feel the force of gravity change. Awe… Some noob is ranging the best spot with a maple bow. Now I have to world hop.

Have you ever felt like the population of RuneScape has been exceeding for far too long? I have thought this ever since I have been hunting baby blue dragons. In some ways, it is a bad thing. On the other hand, it is a good thing. This does include the probability in getting an item from the Grand Exchange. Although there are many worlds to pick from, there never seems to be enough or little enough people, depending on your situation, to come by.

Congratulations, you have achieved level 37 Article Reading and have completed the easy set of tasks from RSBANDB. All things are a trial in some way or another. You and I have a different opinion on whether something is hard or something. However, whatever you decide, is all based on your experience.

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