Tricks of the Trade: Mobilising Armies Part 2

posted by on 31st August 2009, at 11:35pm

Just to inform you. My last article, Tricks of the Trade: Mobilising Armies Part 1, was done before the Mobilising Armies update so my last article is slightly out of date, but the information in it is still valid and can be used. I would also like to add that unfortunately, Hoard and Rescue are rarely played at Mobilising Armies, even on the Mobilising Armies world, 76. So this article will have no pictures as visual references for you.

My last article highlighted two of the four scenarios that can be played at Mobilising Armies, Conflict and Siege. This article is going to talk about the last two games able to be played at Mobilising Armies, Hoard and Rescue. Like I’ve said before, this is just to help you learn how to play the game better. You do not need to follow this guide. My information might be different from someone else and can be different from your own information. Now with that taken care of, time to talk about the scenario Hoard.

Hoard is all about getting as much Gold as you can from the available Mines on the Scenario Map. There is really no strategy to winning Hoard other than sending your units to the mine and hoping you can get the most. But I have seen some techniques that I’ve used when playing Hoard. It’s to use 8 light and 2 heavy. You will need 2 units per mine because one isn’t able to move the gold from the mine to boat. While the Light units move the Gold from the mine to the boat, use your heavy units to attack other players units so they can’t get any more gold. The mines the units get the gold from will stop having gold in them, but that’s normal. Just wait a couple of minutes and your units will be getting more gold for you to hopefully win the game. That is all Hoard is, Rescue is a little different, but the same concept as Hoard.

Rescue is about taking TzHaar from their steaming fissures and bringing them to your boat to save them. For this scenario, you will need to have 3 light and 7 heavy. The light units save the TzHaar while the heavy attack the other players units and steal other TzHaar from the other players’ boat. You want to always be aware of if another TzHaar is ready to be saved. There are 24 TzHaar to be saved, and if you save them all, or you have the most when time runs out, then you win. There aren’t really anymore techniques or tricks I can tell you about these games. They are very straight forward and can be done right away. All I can say now is good luck if you can find people to play with and hopefully you will look forward to my next article. Tim Out.

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