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Good morftevight! I really do hope you understand what that means, but if not, it is morning, afternoon, evening, and night forged together. But, in any case, today we go back into the past as well as look what is going on now. I’m going to go through some of the changed structures of the game with the pros and cons of them and rate each old and new depending on which worked fairly well. Along with some additions that could be useful in the future.

Bank Interface

Now – Today we have tabs, a search tool, and macros for dropping your inventory, familiar’s beast of burden, and such into your bank with a swift click of a button. We get bank space every time a new skill comes out, and perhaps even some with the security system coming out soon. My have we gotten fairly lazy with stuff nowadays. That’s technology for you. (I’m going to be a bit hypocritical in a while.)
But what are the cons of the bank interface? Well first off, the window has to be defaulted to an inky dinky window. Could it not be bigger for high detail? I guess they would have to make it bigger for normal detail if they did. I honestly don’t really get why they couldn’t, but it’s not that important. The tabs get us along well enough for that problem.

Old – Before, we all had difficulty keeping our banks organized and finding items. I remember loads of times that I went over and over my bank before either realizing that I didn’t have it or that I kept missing it. We did still get bank space in this time, but not as lenient as we do now. I can’t really think of any pros of the old system of banking. I guess I could compare it to the RuneScape Classic version, but I think that is too obsolete to even ponder at. Including the fact my computers won’t load Classic, but that’s a story for another time. The only thing I could think of for the old system is that we actually got a general basis of how much space we have left. For the new system, all we get is a number. However, in the old system, there was space afterward of all our items. For me, it was a massive gap.

Winner: New

Future Additions: Well, since the new one has practically all you could dream of in a bank, I only have one thing in mind. And this was when I was smithing steel bars. Once completed with a load, why can’t there be a customizable button to get another load easily? It wouldn’t be particularly tough and they said they would try and do stuff similar to this such as the magic interface.

Trading System

Now- Let’s face it. We are living in a communist dimension nowadays. For some, it doesn’t affect them at all. I can include myself in this group since I am pretty minimalistic when it comes to trading. I do stuff on my own. However, for the mainstream, it’s a problem that isn’t solved without bringing RWT back in. In the GE, we are limited to a 5% chain on either side of its market value. In street trading, depending on the item, we have a bit more freedom; we have 5k-60k gain or loss of money depicting on your quest point significance. On the other hand, we can buy a majority amount of items without any significant time loss – having our own personal UPS station working night and day.
Old – Ah… It feels so long since we have had the old trading system. Besides Jagex nerfing things, the community had total rein on the prices of everything. Party hats were rising by the minute, dragon bones dropping and rising, and much more of the sort. We could trade far and wide; no limit to the Grand Exchange in the musty town of Varrock. On the other hand, most people had a bit of a difficulty finding buyers or sellers. If you wanted to sell anything in a majority, there were two special worlds for the sort. For diversity between free to players and pay to players, World 1 and World 2 were the kingdoms of trading. Though I find it hard to get on either world, I found it more liberal to do this kind of trading. Plus we could always get our best friends presents.

Winner: Old

Future Additions: Well, I could say to get rid of everything they have done in the last 2 years, but that isn’t entirely reasonable. So what I thought up for this is that Jagex may be able to loosen up on the trading – which I think they plan on doing anyway. But not only that, have the Grand Exchange set up in all banks so we don’t have to travel to Varrock all the time.

Graphical Defenition

Now – Say… about a year ago there was a huge change, probably bigger than RuneScape 2 itself. We now have more realistic-ish graphics! Yay!!? Well, not everybody says that, because those who don’t have the system requirements for high detail get worse graphics than before. However, those who do have it, it looks great. I think they could of done better with a few more months, but oh well. RuneScape is supposed to look “different” than every other game. From my perspective, is that the only problem is that I have to reboot my computer if I want to play RuneScape after surfing the web or whatever. (PC, not Mac)

Old – This is the classic style of Runescape, and I love classic stuff. Even though when I started playing, I didn’t know what things were. But that was just when I was a wee noob. I have known it for about over 4 years and a bit upset about High detail. Fullscreen, that’s fine. But personally, I prefer the old version since I’m not too much of a hardcore gamer. Enough said?

Winner: Old

Future Addtions: Well, eventually there will be RuneScape on a console. I don’t know which, but if the majority goes to the console part, they could also make more realistic graphics than from now since they won’t ever go back.

Smaller things – notes and font

Have you realized that Jagex seems to change the font quite a bit? For example, not too long ago they started using a choppy-looking font, and a while back, made the skill font orange? Well, I believe they will be keep doing this. Will there ever be a new permanent one? Nope, not even close. People complain so fast that they can’t even get used to it. But other than that, remember before we got the notes interface what we did for adding notes? Well for me, I just put it in the ignore list. Some might use the friends list or an out-game use. But now we have our nice and tidy notes right here in the bottom right of our screens. (for those in full screen anyway)

Notes winner: New

Font winner: *You have created a time paradox*

So that’s my say on the latest stuff that have come out in the last year or so. You have to realize I am quite minimalistic when it comes these things. I did try to put in other people’s say, but I based it on what seems sort of reasonable. Also, I left out the Wilderness because I would be going on and on forever, and would create a three parter on its own. Please, say your comments by replying below this post! I’d love to see what you have to say. Hailing frequencies closed.

Kirby’s Little Note of the Month: I got most of the ideas of this article in a long, dragged out meeting.

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  • Spoc77 Says:
    28th August 2009, at 7:19am

    Interesting artical although I was a little surprised that animations didnt get a look in with the recent weapon update 😉