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I know Kirby already did an article on special attacks so you’re probably wondering what I’m here for. Well rather than making a list of the 10 best all-around special attacks, I’m going to make three lists with 5 each. Most damage in one special attack bar, Most damage in one hit, and Most useful.

Most damage in one Special attack bar

There are many types of special attacks, some take all of the special attack energy, and some take hardly any.

5. Armadyl Godsword & Dragon Claws
Despite popular belief, the Armadyl Godsword can hit the highest of all the Godswords with its special attack of The Judgement which can hit up to 92. Another thing that makes this special attack and weapon better than the Bandos Godsword and its special attack is the fact that The Judgement only takes 50% special attack energy where as the Bandos’ special Warstrike takes 100%. This brings the total to 184.

In fourth place are the Dragon Claws with their special attack Slice and Dice. This special attack is what has made the price of these skyrocket. The special attack hits 4 times and only requires 50% of the special attack bar. It can do up to 92 damage each time. Unlike most special attacks, this one’s damage is based on the first hit. If the first hit is 46 then the second hit will be half of that, which would be 23. The third and fourth hits will always amount to the second hit (say 12 and 11, which equal 23). This comes to a total of 92, which if both specials do that much damage comes to 184, like the Armadyl Godsword.

4. Dragon Halberd
The Dragon Halberd’s special attack Sweep can hit up to three small enemies or one large enemy twice. Since each hit can be up to 35 (or possibly higher depending on the target and wielder) you could do a devastating 70 points of damage in one use. And since the special attack only requires 30% of the special attack bar you could do it up to three times for a possible maximum of 210 points of damage!

Note: This only hits twice against ‘Large’ monsters or against up to three small opponents if they’re lined up correctly. ‘Large’ monsters are ones that take up more than one square.

3. Dragon Mace & Longsword
Both the Dragon Mace and Longsword have been known to hit over 60 in each of their specials, Shatter & Cleave respectively. Both special attacks only require 25% special attack energy and so can be done four times, for a possible maximum of 240. The Dragon Mace’s special attack does more damage on average when it hits than the Dragon Longsword’s but its not as accurate, where as the Dragon longsword is more accurate but doesn’t hit extremely high as often.

2. Dragon Dagger
The Dragon Dagger’s special attack Puncture hits any target twice with increased accuracy and damage. You could hit 50-50 with each of the daggers four special attacks amounting to an amazing 400 damage! If your dagger is poisoned then it’s likely that the poison will hit atleast once during your attacks, making a possible total of 408.

This weapon currently holds the record for most damage to a single target.

1. Dragon Two-Handed sword
Yes, it actually can do more than 400 damage. The Dragon 2-hander’s special attack Powerstab deals damage to up to 14 adjacent opponents. It can deal up to 51 damage to each of these opponents for a possible total of 714!

Powerstab takes 100% special attack energy and can only hit multiple targets in a multi-combat zone.

Most damage in one hit

Now all you Godsword enthusiasts are probably saying “The Bandos GS better be first here!“. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not. You’ll have to keep reading to find why.

5. Dragon Claws
I couldn’t find any other single hit special attacks that added damage so the Dragon Claws get fifth with their special being able to hit up to 46 with it’s first it.

4. Dragon Longsword
As I talked about earlier, the Dragon Longsword can hit up to 60 with one special attack. With each special attack only requiring 25% energy it’s a very powerful weapon.

3. Dragon Mace
Lesser speed and lower strength bonus than the Dragon Longsword doesn’t stop the Dragon Mace’s special attack from hitting over 60. The reason it’s listed higher than the longsword is because it’s special attack has been known to hit higher more often than the longsword, though the longsword will usually hit moderately more often.

2. Bandos Godsword
Here’s the BGS, AKA Bandos Godsword. The reason it’s only second is because its special attack only adds 10% damage. Even with this lesser damage bonus, the Bandos Godsword can still hit for over 80 damage. The thing that makes the Bandos Godsword’s special attack Warstrike so popular is the fact that it will drain the opponent’s combat stats by the damage dealt until the stat reaches zero. Once it reaches zero it will drain the next one in order of Defence(first), Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, and Ranged(last).

Warstrike requires 100% special attack energy.

1. Armadyl Godsword
We talked about the Armadyl Godsword earlier and so it should come as no surprise that it takes first place for highest damage in a single special attack hit. The Judgement, as we talked about earlier, can hit up to 92 with one attack. Because The Judgement only takes 50% energy, it’s possible maximum damage of 184 in just two hits is very appealing to many players.

Most useful

And now for the Most useful Special attacks. These don’t necessarily do lots of damage, but they are useful for buffing before or during combat.

5. Seercull
The Seercull is probably one of the most under-used weapons in Runescape. It’s special attack Soulshot reduces the target’s magic level by the amount of damage inflicted and requires 100% special attack energy. The great thing about this special attack is that high level Rangers can completely disable Mages in PvP mini-games for awhile if the Mage can only just cast their spell. This is especially useful when in Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix, and Castle Wars, where many Ancient mages can only just cast their spell.

4. Excalibur
Excalibur’s special attack Sanctuary is one that you use before you go into combat. It increases your defence level by 8% as if you had drunk a normal Defence potion and uses 100% special attack energy. Some players like to bring this weapon with them when they’re training with their Abyssal whip as its special is much better than the whip’s.

3. Dragon Battle Axe
Not used as much as it was years ago, the Dragon Battle Axe’s special attack Rampage increases the wielder’s strength level by 15 and reduces their Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Magic levels by 10% and requires 100% energy. Some player’s still use this special attack in conjunction with their Abyssal whip since the whip’s natural accuracy doesn’t suffer much from the loss of attack levels and the additional strength levels help do more damage.

2. Enhanced Excalibur
Enhanced Excalibur’s special attack is a better version of Sanctuary which gives a 15% defence boost and heals 4 hp every 5 seconds for 25 seconds totalling to 20 hitpoints healed. Like its lesser version, this one is also usually used for healing before or after combat and is a great way to use your special attack energy when training with an Abyssal Whip.

1. Saradomin Godsword
First place is the Saradomin Godsword with its special attack of Healing Blade. This is my personal favorite Godsword because it heals half the damage you do to your hitpoints and a quarter to your prayer. If a player was to hit a 60 with the special attack they would be healed 30 points and would receive 15 prayer points. Regardless of the amount of damage dealt, the wielder will always receive atleast 10 hitpoints and 5 prayer points. If no damage is dealt then no hitpoints or prayer points will be received.

Please remember that the list of Most Useful Specials is based on my opinion, there is no set standard.

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  • Spoc77 Says:
    14th July 2009, at 6:37am

    Very nice artical was nicely surprised in places but seeing as the dragon longsword got in on a castle wars performance i would like to suggest the Zamorak god sword in most usefull as it will effectivily freeze anyone in anti mage armour but like you said its only an opinion 😉

  • killer Says:
    15th July 2009, at 8:34am

    what, no mention of rune thrownaxe? without it you could never be able to go to DKs without a 3 man team.

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    16th July 2009, at 6:03pm

    Spoc: Usually when you’re meleeing something you don’t need to freeze it as it won’t be running away. The main uses of the ZGS are in PvP areas or against GWD Bosses.

    You brought up a good point about the ZGS. Unlike Ancient Magic spells its freezing is based off of its melee attack, not a magic attack, so it works great against people in Karil’s or Armadyl armor.

    Killer: I had initially planned on talking about the thrownaxe but after I tested it in-game I found it to be as worthless as its reputation implies. Its special attack is supposed to hit multiple targets in a multi-combat area and only take 10% energy. I found that it only hit a maximum of 3 targets and it took 10% energy to hit each one. The most I got it to hit was a 16 ( 3×16=48), which isn’t very great. I may could get it to hit higher if I tested it longer.

    I had hoped for it to hit ~15, but I had mainly hoped on it being able to hit up to 10 targets with each special attack and each special attack only requiring 10% energy, regardless of targets hit. If this was the case I could hit 1,500 damage in one attack (15x10x10), and since it attacks as fast as a longsword this would be an ideal weapon for PvP areas, the GWD, or against the Jad.

  • fred Says:
    18th July 2009, at 9:50pm

    D2H’s special drain is 60%.

    Otherwise this article is excellent and addresses the deficiencies of Kirby’s quite nicely.