Mobilising Armies

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Mobilising Armies can be found south of the Feldip Hills and west of Oo’glog. You can get there using any of the following:

  • Spirit trees
  • The Mobilising Armies Teleport spell in the standard spellbook
  • The Ring of Duelling

There are no requirements to start playing, but to keep playing you’ll need tradeable commodities.

In Other News can be found here.

New things that came with this Release

·There is a new interface for the Inventory, Skills, Quests, Etc.

·There is another new design for the Main Page and that will most likely stay until another big update.

·After the main Mobilising Armies update, around an hour later there was a secondary Update because the friends list was messed up, and your ignore list was blank.

·In the notes tab, there are some words and phrases that will change to something else.

Now, for a review of the minigame

I have seen some people say that this is like the Halo Wars of Runescape, and it is just like it. In the Conquest scenario, the point of it is to kill off your enemies with 10 squads that can be either Goblins, Dwarves, or Elves. The point of Conquest is to either survive from attacks or kill off your enemies and be the last one standing. That can be achieved by using your special forces to deal massive amounts of damage on your enemy squads up to five times.

Mobilising Armies Big Hit
This is one of the higher hits I’ve seen

Or by using the combat triangle in the top corner to have your squads attack enemies that are weaker than them. The tutorial is very helpful in how to play and while the rewards don’t offer any bonuses. They look quite nice and go along with a lot of other outfits.

Mobilising Armies Outfit

This is the Hat, Top, Skirt, and Locator. There are gloves and boot as well

This new minigame to me, was done very well and worth the wait. It is a game that I really like and is willing to take the time to get onto the highscores. Even though the rewards are only for the looks, the Inferior Locator can help find items used for leveling non-combat skills. Now there are some of flaws with the game, sometimes needing to wait almost 30 minutes just to get into the game and now being able to select multiple squads at once. But hopefully those will be released in a future update. Good job Mod Tim, Mod Maz and Queen of the Squirrels, Very well done on this long awaited minigame.

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