Clutter Control ~Part 2~

posted by on 31st July 2009, at 3:45pm

Greetings, and welcome to another fantastic produ… article! As I stated in my previous part of my “Clutter Control” series, I would be doing this one on how to organize it, and how to keep it that way. So here it is. Just a reminder, there are many ways you can do this. I will tell you a few ways to do it, but its really based on personal preference. Unless, of course, that preference is to be as unorganized as possible.
To start off with, we need to select the bank tabs we want. Now, again with personal preference is that I may have different bank tabs than you. For example, somebody may be quite the treasure trailer and have their own tab for treasure trail rewards, or somebody might have a bunch of combat equipment and have three tabs for each melee, magic, and archery. That’s okay; I’ll be getting to that.
For my tabs, I use the following, in which I will explain each to give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

In Tab 1, the infinity symbol, all I have there are my current projects I’m working on. For me, that is spinning flax into bowstrings. So only two items are in there. Except, however, they will be gone by the time I have finished writing this article. In Tab 2, I have gold pieces for my main thing. And this isn’t a currency tab actually. I use it as a “Currency/Valuable Items/Most Commonly Used Items” tab. In Tab 3, the prayer potion, it is fairly easy to figure. I have my potions, herbs, and secondaries in here. While I do have a ‘material’ tab coming up, I find it easier to group items where they really belong.

In Tab 4, the whip, I have all my combat gear. I find that I only require one tab for combat since I’m not that into it. Neither staffs nor runes are included in here as I mainly use them for teleportation. Which is Tab 5, the elven crystal. I keep staffs, rune crafting ‘keys’, runes, and jewelry in here basically because all of it has something to do with teleportation or magic spells.

In Tab 6, is not only my mentioned ‘material’ tab, but is used for my farming equipment and seeds. I keep ore, bars, seeds, and more here. Tab 7, 8, and 9 are fairly easy to guess. 7 is tools, 8 is quest/random stuff, and 9 is Summoning. Now, I know I said that quest items are likely to be thrown away, but either these are ‘fun’ items for me, or very difficultly replaced.

So that concludes my tabs, but that might not be what you need. To find what you need, look all around your bank and see items that have quite a bit in common. If you can’t find 8 tabs, that’s perfectly okay. They’ll be used later on in your RuneScape journey. If you have too many you want, just group a few together that seem pretty reasonable like farming and construction. Then put one that you will be familiar with using like I am with a whip for the combat tab.

Finally, we come to the finale of the article. No, I’m just kidding. You have a lot more to do before you’re on your way to successful banking. But just be ready to pop your fingers because now you get to sort every item you’ve ever known! Now let me remind you that I can’t help you personally unless you are a local person I know. I can only give you a basis on what to do. So you see those main clothes you wear for just basic stuff like fletching, agility, thieving, and whatever else? You might want to put that in a tab that you keep all your main valuables if you have such a tab.

So once you are familiar with every item you own, just put them in the tabs you have selected. Instead of organizing further first, it is often easier to just see what you have in the tabs. If you have only, say five items in one tab, you’re best off just putting that in a different, similar tab. This makes it so you don’t have to mess up everything to place other things.

Okay, now I’m going to have to shorten this next major process since I really can’t help you all too well. What you want to do is go through every tab again and place items in a specific order. For example, do you have a set of Barrows armour? Well place those together. I prefer equipment sets to go in the order of “Helmet, Body, Gloves (if any), Legs, and Boots (if any)”. Or maybe bows and staffs to go as “Bows/Staffs, Projectiles/Runes”. But this is all based on your preference. And you can do it however your heart desires.

Once you have all the tabs’ items up and going, your done with your bank! Congratulations for putting up with me for so long! But hold it. What makes me so sure that you can keep it up to par in the next week? Well, if you ask me, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to do this. First off, you can get duplicates of items. However, I’m sure you have all sorts of special, valuable items within your bank that cannot be duplicated without a mass amount of money. Instead, I simply just put them back to where I brought them out. Easy enough I assume, but if I have known better, the majority of humans just stuff it back in a random spot like I tend to at times.

Now of course, humans like you and I do not really have the capacity to remember exactly where we put them, but that’s okay. If you know a general basis in where to put it, it’s fine with me, and probably you too.
I enjoyed making this “biquel “ for you, and I hope that it helps you with solving your clutter control. If you have any questions about this, please comment below or send me a private message on the forums. Now I’d like to end this with a picture of a bank sorted by yours truly.

Click for bigger size.

Click for bigger size.

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