Arrav’s Cursing is Out of Control

posted by on 26th July 2009, at 12:18am

What the humans called Jagex say.

~Mild spoilers below this point~

Good morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, twilight, whenever you are reading this, its time for some gruesome curses to overcome. This time we go back into the time of the earliest of humans. Our dearest hero, Arrav, is in trouble and he knows it. Most zombies are just dead and animated with no will or brain power. However, Arrav has his knowledge that he has no control over himself at all! So on we go to my review of The Curse of Arrav. This time, Arrav has some cursing troubles.

So the main human of the quest that requests your help is with the famous researcher Ali the Wise, one of the million Ali’s in the Khardidian desert. If you ask me, he reminds me of an old chap I call Christopher Lee. But anyway, I’m not here to give you the entire story and guide. If I remember correctly, this is supposed to be a review.

So anyway, the story is quite great. It gets you quite a ways into the history of RuneScape (even though there was none). Not only did it tie in the Mahjarrat, it brought the interesting Defender of Varrock story. That story line does remind me quite like Betrayal at Falador by T. S. Church because of its war-like symptoms against Varrock with unprofound fighting techniques. However, I thought it was a little to short. Even though I made it longer than it really is.

What I didn’t like about it was the extent of all the traps and obstacles you were required to bypass at the end of the quest. It was unnecessary since the obstacles required elementary skills. Then again, unless you knew what to bring without a guide or knowledge of miscellaneous objects such as insulated boots or a macaw, I would call that advanced skills. But I guess the bad guys are just trying their best to keep the heart away from enemies. *cough* Also, it seemed that it was pretty impossible to get all of the heart potion secondaries without spending quite a bit of time. While I did this quest, I couldn’t get the sacred oil from the Grand Exchange. What I had to do is go to Kharyll, run down through the shortcut to Mort’ton, hop worlds to the minigame world, kill some shades for sanctity count, cut down some logs while I didn’t have an axe, go to the Burgh de Rott bank, come back and cut down a tree, use some of it on the logs, fly my broom to Al Kharid, and finally use the rugs to Nardah. Sorry for the huge list, but I hope others don’t make the same mistake as me. And I swear, instantly after I got caught in the tile maze, my request for sacred oil went through.


Finally, the rewards. For a quest like this, I would expect quite a bit more. I mean, I know there was no real fighting at all, but was it really necessary to go to the desert, to Trollweiss, and back, and forth, and so on with just some experience? I’ve noticed that most of the Mahjarrat quests have been as such as well. Did the writer, Paul, not think that we would want something other than a few thousand experience of some skills? Honestly, I have no idea and I’ll leave it at that.

So overall, I found it to be a very exciting quest. It wasn’t too of the type like you go to person 1, then person 2, then person 3, then 1, then 2, then 3, and so forth; there is more gameplay as well as an actual fight scene with the legendary Arrav. I’m anticipating the next quest of this series. I extremely recommend doing it when you all get the chance to. Just don’t forget to bring food when your going through the tile maze in the pyramid. *cough*


Kirby’s Little Random Notes: I find it funny how the bad guy is named Zemouregal because, frankly, I can’t remember it. Just like things I make up. While on my Mac, I was mining the rocks in the mountain cave, I always froze and lagged out about twenty times before going to another computer. =P Also, when going through the pyramid tile maze, I brought no food and ended up almost dying so I sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for my hitpoints to go up.

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