Tricks of the Trade: Finding Penguins

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Penguins are something that can be done once per week and can bring in very good xp when you save up the points. Today I’m going to be showing you how to find the 10 weekly penguins efficiently. You do not need to complete any quests but it would be smart to complete Cold War so you make some of the hard penguins (most of the time is the penguins that need a quest to be able to access the area the penguin is at) be worth two points, instead of one point. The penguins are reset every Wednesday at 12:00 GMT and Larry (before The Hunt for Red Raktuber) or Chuck the Polar Bear (after The Hunt for Red Raktuber) will give you hints on where the Penguins (and Polar Bear Agent) are for the Week. The penguins will be in one of 6 disguises.

Possible Penguin Disguises
This picture is from Penguin Hide and Seek disguises from the Runescape site

The best way to find the Penguins is in a group, and that group can be found on the forums. Penguins W60 is the group to go to when you need to find the weekly penguins. They have many clan chats to go to with the all the current penguin locations. To get to that groups’ weekly thread on the forums (if you don’t already know about the thread) is to go onto the Runescape forum, then scroll down a little and look for “Distraction and Diversions”. Click on it then scroll down until you see “Penguin Locations “X” where “X” is the current week (the current weeks’ thread is normally right near the top). On post two it will have the current locations of all 10 penguins and the polar bear. A trick I like to use is that I go from the top down. It doesn’t let you get lost on the penguins you didn’t find then you have to spend more time looking for all the penguins you recently found looking for the one you missed. Another tip I have is that I fill up my inventory with the teleports I’m going to need to get to all the penguins.Because most of the runes are teleport runes they will get combined together so before you head out, just make sure you have all the teleports you need. And the last trick isn’t really a trick, but a tip. Now because I know everyone should know about it, but the penguin spies aren’t yellow, green, blue, black, etc dots on minimap. After you have set yourself and you inventory up to the way that you like, then your ready to head out, but not until you have entered the clan chat of Penguins W60. They have multiple clan chats that you can go to if one or the other is full. Penguins W60 is the main clan chat and that’s where most people go to get the current locations of the penguin. On the thread they have their others so be prepared to possible go to the other clan chats. Don’t feel discouraged if you get blocked form entering the clan chat because it happens to us all. I personally get a laugh out of it because that always happens to me, trust me. And it will most likely happen to you. Just try Penguins W60 a couple of times, if that doesn’t work then go to one of the other clan chats as labeled in the thread on the Runescape forum.

Now it’s finally time to go and find the penguins!

Trick of the Trade Clan ChatOnce in the clan chat, ask around. Some times you might not get an answer to your question but a lot of other people need the penguin your looking for. So wait around. go to the general area that the penguin should be and it will soon get answered. If a penguin is say on Entrana, then it can’t leave the island so go there and look for a GIANT group of people, most of the time there that is the best way to look for the penguin. Another easy way to find a penguin is to turn off the music and turn on Sound Effects. The penguins have a unique noise that will help you find them if for some reason you can’t see them. Most of the time the penguin searchers will crowd around it so it can’t run away, only move in a little area. If a penguin is left on the same square between five and ten minutes, then it will teleport to it’s reset point (the spot where it originated from) and will move from there. Penguins W60 still haven’t found where some of the penguins reset locations are (take the wilderness as an example). They are very good at looking for the penguins if they teleport back to their reset point so just wait a couple of minutes and they will have found it and started broadcasting the current location of where the penguin teleported to. While you hunt the penguins you might see some people blocking the penguin(s), DON’T STEP ON THEM! This will “break” them and the penguins are able to move through them and get on the loose.

Trick of the Trade Blocking Penguin

If that happens then move out of there as fast as you can so the blocker can move into another place and reblock the penguin(s) again. A lot of times there will be a time where you will be asked to trap a penguin, have some courtesy and take over the spot. Most of the time you might be able to get someone else to take over your spot, but if that fails bring something to alch while you block. Then broadcast the location and wait for someone else to possible take over your spot. If you able to, move out and get some other people to help you trap, then you have someone to talk to while you wait for someone to relieve you of your duty. After you have gotten a penguin block by someone say thanks, they are taking time out of their day to block the penguin and saying thanks will brighten their day up. After talking about that the Polar Bear is going to sound simple, and it actually is. Chuck has sent out PBJ spies to spy on the penguins. Most of the time the PBJ bear will be no where near the penguins but it’s still an extra point to gain for the week.

Trick of the Trade Polar Bear Agent

Because Polar Bears are so big the PBJ spies have to hide in wells. You can only spy on them if you have complete The Hunt for Red Raktuber. They pop out of the well, look around then go back in and hide. Easiest point you can get while you hunt (the only thing easier is if, somehow, all the weekly penguins were caught in one location).

Finding penguins can be worth the XP. To find out how much xp you will gain, all you need to use is this formula: 25 * (level in skill you are going to use points on) * (number of points you currently have). Larry and Chuck can only keep track of 50 points at a time, which turns out to be three weeks and a couple of penguins in the fourth week without completing The Hunt for Red Raktuber. Same goes with after you have completed The Hunt for Red Raktuber, three weeks worth and a couple of penguins from the next week. Currently, after you have completed The Hunt for Red Raktuber, you can only cash in your penguin points from Chuck (who takes over Larry’s duties), and that will be until we find out Larry’s fate in the next Penguin quest hopefully. That’s all for now. Tim Out.

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