Player vs. Bounty Gravestone Worlds

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Strange name, eh? I wanted to combine Jagex’s update title into a smaller version, unfortunately it’s not much smaller…

Player vs. Bounty Gravestone Worlds
Changes to PvP and Bounty Worlds, and gravestones

Maybe I should’ve done PVBGW or CTPVPABWAG? Ahh well.

Drop Changes

This update was focused on PVP and Bounty Hunter Worlds. The first part being to the drop tables and rewards for killing people. Recently you could be rewarded with items such as a Dragon Full helmet, a Dragonfire Shield, or an Abyssal whip when you had a high enough Drop-Potential. People were complaining that with these items being dropped for PKers, even though it was a nice drop for them, it made the items too numerous in the game and thus the price was dropping, making them less worthy as a reward. Avid Slayers and Mithril Dragon Killers also didn’t like the fact that someone could spend a few days in a non-populated hotspot on a low-populated PVP world and then kill someone to get an Abyssal whip or Dragon Full helm.

To fix this problem they’ve removed many of these types of objects with more generic (common) ones. This means that instead of getting a Torag’s plate you may get 4 Rune Plates or something else resembling the value.
They’ve also added Loot Drops. Now I’m not sure exactly what these are as I haven’t gotten one yet but it sounds like they’re items (Like Castle Wars or Fist of Guthix Tickets) that are dropped instead of or with a drop from a kill and are worth (as Jagex put it) “large sums of cash”. These can only be traded to Mandrith in Edgeville and his brother Nastroth in Lumbridge, both are only there on PVP Worlds.

Note: If your opponent was using or carrying an Abyssal Whip, Dragon Full Helm, Dragonfire Shield, or Barrows equipment (or other item) you may still get it.

They’ve also added a earning-potential display to PVP and Bounty Worlds. This should make knowing how much you’ll be rewarded for killing another player easier.

Monsters move into Bounty Hunter

On another note, the Bounty Hunter Craters have been populated by hellhounds, lesser demons, greater demons and a range of skeletons. This was done because Jagex thought the amount of these critters in other area was too few.

Teleports malfunction on Bounty Worlds

They’ve changed the way Teleports work on Bounty worlds. Now if you cast Ardougne teleport you’ll go to Edgeville. All other teleports also lead to Edgeville.

Gravestones get revamp, now more sturdier!

Gravestones now appear when you die in a special area (what they call an instanced event). They’re example is if you’re fighting Bork and underestimated his strength or how hard that Dagon’Hai mage hits and find yourself singing Harmony with Hans. Your gravestone will now appear at the closest place outside of the event you were in. So in this case you could go to the room with Dagannoth in it right infront of Bork’s room and dig up your body. This should also work in end quest fights but don’t quote me on it as I haven’t tested it (and don’t plan to, I don’t make a habit of singing with Hans).

All Gravestones will now remain for one more minute and (I think all, though they don’t say it and I haven’t tested it) will now remain if you logout or are lagged out when you die.

More time to dig up your corpse, who’s going to complain about that?

In other news

Squirrels all around RuneScape have been pelting players perpetually with pretty painted pink polka-dotted peanuts.

Actually that’s not true, but the following is:

The abyssal whip’s special attack now drains 25% of your target’s run energy, rather than 10%.

An activity bar, similar to the one recently added to Soul Wars, has been added to the Fishing Trawler minigame.

The recently added seaweed nets should now break less often.

We’ve fixed an issue in the Fist of Guthix minigame so that your run energy will now recharge at the rate it is supposed to when standing near the centre.

Summoning scrolls have been added to the pre-purchase advice system detailing what you’ll need in order to summon the various creatures.

In other, other news

I found a list of small updates Jagex did on the 16th, have fun.


* Players should no longer float slightly when resting while wearing a dragon plateskirt.
* Resized the pizza and tomato base image in the pizza interface as it didn’t fit properly. Yum!
* Added a missing resting spot icon for the musician in Rellekka.
* Updated the resting animation slightly to fix render issues with capes and a few other things.
* Resolved a render issue when players were holding various banners and flags.
* A man in Lumbridge had the wrong chathead compared to his actual features.
* Adjusted the render order for certain animations in the rest update.
* Corrected some colour issues with the male and female Construction cape of accomplishment.
* Fixed a render issue with one of the resting spectators.


* Overhauled some of the Monkey Madness sound effects and added some where they were missing.
* Updated various sound effects in the Gnome Ball field.
* Added sound effects to the Garden of Tranquillity trolley.
* Added a new song, “Kharidian Nights”, to part of the desert area.
* Added sound effects when mixing the plant cure in the Garden of Tranquillity quest.


* Improved the code handling Soul Wars bandages and their usage.
* Modified a small amount of code used in the board games because it was unnecessarily duplicated.
* Rebalanced the Blast Furnace pedals due to the recent run energy changes.


* Ensured that NPCs in the Fight Arena don’t disappear if you’re struggling to kill them quickly.
* Modified the code dealing with thrown weaponry to better handle all situations.
* Updated some of the code dealing with dismissing followers.
* Sharing restore potions via Lunar Magic now matches the recent run energy increases you’ll have seen from drinking the potions normally.
* Fixed an issue involving poison and certain NPCs behaving oddly.
* Better checks added to ensure players will get Slayer experience from various creatures in the God Wars Dungeon.
* A rest NPC was confused about its gender in their examine info.
* Fixed the bank booths in Oo’glog if you weren’t stood directly in front of them.
* Fixed a typo in the Lumbridge musician’s chat.
* Prevented certain bubbles in the Feldip Hills from blocking Ranged attacks when hunting chompies and jubbly chompies.

* Added further checks to make sure the Guthan’s set bonus is working correctly with regard to the amount healed.

* Made it really clear what to do if you lost connection in the Pillory random event.


You can now buy pre-paid membership cards at 7-Elevens all over America! They sell the 30 and 90 day ones just like Target. So, umm, Yay!

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  • Spoc77 Says:
    20th June 2009, at 2:16am

    One small note for your readers the timer on your grave will still count down if you log out 🙁

  • overlord621 Says:
    22nd June 2009, at 1:04pm

    Most pk’ers are happy with the new drops though. Nice article, and yes I found out what Spoc said the hard way. XD

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    23rd June 2009, at 8:44pm

    I thought I had mentioned that, oh well. Sorry about that guys. 🙂

    I don’t really PK so I don’t know how good the drops are. I’m glad to hear they’re liked.