Kirby’s Sermon: A Hunt for Red Raktuber

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Jagex’s Blabbings

Larry the zookeeper has made the mistake of going on vacation, and now he’s in a bit of a pickle…well, more like a straitjacket than a pickle! Apparently, he spotted a giant penguin near Witchaven, and now he suspects that the other penguins may be up to something. The problem is that his superiors at the zoo don’t believe him. Speak to Larry to find out what the penguins have been up to, and help him stop them before they take over the world!

It won’t be easy to discover what the penguins are plotting, however. You’ll have to travel back to the iceberg from the Cold War quest, and don your penguin suit, to begin your espionage. Creative thinking will be needed if you’re going to get any information from the penguins, but you will find friends on the iceberg to help you: Ping and Pong will be glad to see you, and you can help them finish their new song.
After you’ve finished the Hunt for Red Raktuber, you’ll still be able to put your keen Hunting skills to the test. A new area will be available near the Iceberg, where you‘ll be able to track down new penguin recruits. You may also find an unusual kind of spy moving around RuneScape, so keep your eyes ‘well’ peeled!

I’ve had a great time developing The Hunt for Red Raktuber, and I hope all you penguin fans out there enjoy it as much as I have.
Mod Nancy RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start The Hunt for Red Raktuber:
Speak to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo, near the penguin enclosure.

Requirements to start The Hunt for Red Raktuber: Thieving 38
Construction 45
Hunter 45
Must have completed Sea Slug and Cold War

The Sermon of Kirby

For a quest about penguins taking over the world, Jagex did a fairly decent job. Not only did they bring in the Cold War series, but there is a small foreshadowing of the Red Axe series in which some dwarves separate from each other. Not only that, but it seems that the evil mind boggling slugs are expanding their grasps to not only humans, but other ‘dominant’ species.

This quest wasn’t as long as I was hoping it would be. The penguin story line interests me the most of all story lines. This is probably due to my current obsession with penguins. *squishes plush* But not just because of that, but it has a more dynamic story than the rest. This one, for example, had the tables turned around on you. I cannot think of any other quest on the tip of my tongue that has done this before.
The main thing that confused me was, weren’t the penguins first goal to find out how they can fly? Of course they could have found a way to, but I think the main goal was to dominate the humans. And a submarine is their best bet. The other thing that confused me is, why is there polar bears spying on penguins on the same piece of land? That will always confuse me and it will never be revealed.
Although it was a fabulous quest, I kept getting this itch about how easy it was compared to the other one. In the Cold War quest, we traveled across the world, while this one had only three major locations (with the exception to retrieve supplies): Ardougne, Yanille, and Penguin Palooza Island.

Now you may expect me to close up this with a few words, but because this is a sermon, I will babble on for another thousand of words. No, just kidding. Overall, it’s rough on the edges, but still a remarkable quest; worthy of getting the Offical Kirby Appreciaton Seal.


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