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It is as spoken:

There are many secrets hidden in the depths of the desert. Forgotten tombs of forgotten rulers from a forgotten time, when the world was a very different place…or at least they were forgotten. The spread of human civilisation, however, means that many of the hidden corners of the world are being uncovered, often by treasure-hunters with little regard for preserving the sanctity of these ancient places.

Recently, one such tomb, near Uzer, was discovered by treasure-hunters. Leela of Al Kharid does care about the sanctity of this particular place, and she wants your help to recover information that is of great importance to her.

Mod Newmatic? – RuneScape Content Developer

Warning – Mild Spoilers

Please note that we haven’t forgotten about your request to not start too many new quest series until we have continued with, and finished, a few of the existing ones. While it might not seem like it initially, this quest is actually part of the same quest series as Tale of the Muspah; this one just approaches things from a very different direction, so it’s probably not entirely clear how things fit together yet.

We’ve been calling this quest series Mysteries of the Mahjarrat here in the Jagex office. It is going to be tying together a few loose ends from various quests, and hopefully bringing more cohesion to parts of the Runescape mythology and storyline. While we’re starting the quest series with low-level requirements, later quests will have progressively higher requirements as we draw in the different existing storylines. Additionally, Missing My Mummy also ties into some of the ongoing desert storylines.
– Paul

Requirements to start Missing my Mummy:
35 Cooking
35 Construction
35 Crafting
35 Magic
35 Prayer
Must have completed Prince Ali Rescue
Must have completed The Golem
Must have completed Icthlarin’s Little Helper

Requirements for total completion:

25 Thieving
45 Crafting
45 Prayer
50 Magic
Must have completed Garden of Tranquillity

In other news…
We have improved Low and High Alchemy so that if you don’t time your clicks correctly, it’ll still return you to the spellbook after your inventory. Hopefully you’ll find this useful when you’re going about your daily alching! You can also queue up one to cast while the current spell is being performed.
Yay for autoers, eh Alex?
We have added an activity bar to the Soul Wars minigame. If you’ve been taking part in the game the bar should remain green, but if you don’t take part the bar will slowly turn orange, and eventually run out, at which point you’ll be removed from the game.
Insulting if necessary, methinks.
You’ll find that after killing someone in a Bounty or PvP world you’ll have a bit of time to pick up drops before potentially being whisked away for a random event.
You really shouldn’t get random events while PKing at ALL … honestly, ever hear of an autoing PK?


I wouldn’t really call this a puzzle quest since everything that happens is either straightforward or unnecessary. I started collecting AMCE items, but then realized there was no point since they didn’t do anything. I killed all the skeletons for the stuff because, at that time, it was all I could do there until I was convinced there was nothing left for me to do. The only puzzle is that shifting tile puzzle that teaches you that certain tiles makes their relative colors impassible and walking to corresponding opposites damages you, meaning that all you’d have to do is find a path of red/yellow or blue/green tiles that leads straight to the other side – straightforward, since you can see the entire board the while time. When you need to fix and build stuff, it directly tells you what you need, items or levels.

I enjoy quests, but I dislike walkthroughs. If we’re supposed to learn something, it’s a lot better to do it via lore. Or at least a bit more of a more indirect, hidden-secret method rather then fixing straightforward stuff and having an NPC tell you everything.

Nevertheless, props to the … well, props. Statues, enemies, pyramid interiors, nice big model ship that serves no discernible purpose, and subliminal pillaging.


Once again, I will point out the straightforwardness of this quest by saying that there really is nothing to it. Have a chat with Leela and head down to Uzer. Southeast of the town nearby the lone teak tree is your target – surrounded by eager double-drop looters who are more then willing to lend a few tools should the proper leverage be applied.

Walk straight into the big giant obvious entranceway and rummage every skeleton you find. When they get up, strike them down again. Sometimes they’ll drop important-looking object like a ceramic jar, journal, and scroll. Grab those and avoid any and all AMCE tools, as they’re worthless. For now, anyways.

Once you’ve finished owning all the skeletons and teasing the busted golem, walk all the way back to Draynor and show the goods to Leela. Now it’s time to fix stuff. Grab yourself a big bundle of fire runes (20, at least), some willow logs, a knife, a saw, a hammer, a pot, some grain, a jug of wine, some Ardougne spice from the stall (no questions asked, please), and a ring of charos. You will also need a glass of sq’irk juice of any kind.

Head to Al Kharid and chat with Ali Morrisane, turning over the sq’irk juice for a scroll. If you have the Ring of Charos, chat with him again for another one. Go ahead and discard the first one you get now, since it’s useless now. Head to Varrock and pick up an Al Kharid flier from the boy on the way over. Talk to Reldo, turn over the flier, and get the document.

Return to Uzer and the pyramid. Head down the stairs you no doubt will have found down the straightforward hallway. Hopefully you still have 4 spaces left to obtain the ceramic jars within the scarab caves to your left. Upon receiving them, making your jar total 4, as well as the mummy body minus the hand (you’ll have gotten a hand from one of the skeletons), attempt the tile puzzle.

It’s very easy. Find a path with either 2 warm colors (red and yellow) or 2 cold colors (blue and green), only traversing these two colors … traverse the board.

Now it’s time to fix stuff. Click on the 6 statues to fix them with prayer. Click on everything surrounding the sarcophagus that can be clicked until they’re all fixed. Upon rebuilding the willow statue, click on it a few times to make it lovely. Upon 40% completion, the Pharoh Queen will appear, whom you will have over the scrolls you got from Ali and Reldo.

Off to the side, there’s a room where you kill progressively harder enemies. Upon completion of the statues, you will be given free altars, so use them as needed. Click on the torches (one works at a time, so try them all) to light them and fight the shadows.

Doing all of this should get the Queen 100% complete. Have a chat with her to learn some interesting history, and then finish off with a chat with Leela to complete the quest.


See? Straightforward! Cheers, cannoneers.

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