A Reincarnation of the Wilderness

posted by on 17th May 2009, at 9:17pm

Bounty Hunter. The final resolution. These are the explanations of Jagex Limited. Their ongoing mission: to make RuneScape a better place for everyone. To balance our world with fighters and farmers. To attempt stuff no other company has done before! Okay, sorry for the Star Trek reference, but I find it appropriate for this point in time. However, it did pretty much sum up what this is about: Jagex’s new wilderness.

So as you have known me to do so, a quick history of past events. Of course you probably all know the story of the wilderness and how great it was and such. But bear with me. With the de-release of the wilderness came this wonderful thing called Bounty Hunter. This was practically making the wilderness cooler than ever before. (not) A while ago, however, they closed it down for a while. And this came out. It may not be the Wilderness we know and love, but if I didn’t know any better, I would say this looks exactly like what it used to.


To start off with, I am actually surprised on what they have done with it. I never expected they would do anything like this. I was never really impressed with Bounty Hunter that much. However, this meets my demands even though I had none based on this. In my opinion, I would say it is far more than anything the Wilderness gave. Sure there are some limitations to it with the drops and all, but it brings more suspense and ability than ever before. For example, with bringing three of the PvP mini-games together, the fact that the person you are hunting you is hunting you as well makes everything more suspenseful.

Another thing I would like to add is the new rules. Rogue killing is pretty much outlawed in this rule in which you can attack your target while a ‘rogue’ is fighting your opponent. However, if you just let that rogue almost kill your prey and then steal it, then you will still have that person will still be as your predator. I think this will make things fair by making everything balanced for each hunter.

The only problem I see with this is the fact that there is a huge time spans for everything. 30-60 minutes just to get a target is just unacceptable. Unless you are a hard-core player, unlike me, I seriously think it is a waste of an hour just to get a target. Of course you are allowed to “rogue kill” players; however, there is a higher chance of getting a person’s equipment contrary to receiving the PvP items. Now personally, I prefer the player’s equipment other than the random generated stuff that is given. Mainly that is because I’m not a huge fan of their new timer on items.

Another problem with the time spans is that there is no Bounty Locate spell. Well sure, there is something called looking around, but the Wilderness is still big even from the time Jagex shrunk it. Imagine walking around for about 50 minutes just to find out that your target has died. How fun is that? Now that is a worst case scenario of course, but still.

So overall, this is an excellent update. I’m not much of a PKer, but I am sure the majority appreciates it from a logical perspective. It may have some ups and downs, but nothing is perfect. Just look back at every update and see what the people have said. Since there will be more killing due to this update, I only have one thing left to say: “Live long and prosper.”

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