Top 10 Special Attack Weapons

posted by on 21st April 2009, at 10:18am

When you use your special attack, what do you do? I prefer a strategy of course. With power, speed, and effects, it all comes into place. So I am going to do a top 10 of special attacks. There is an exception though. I am going to completely keep the god sword out of this, as we all know where that would be placed.

10. Dragon Mace

Of course, this is a fairly basic weapon for a special attack. I chose this because I find it fairly powerful, but it lacks spice. With the special attack, it so happens that it is less likely to hit, but it has potential even with this fallback. Morever, it is better than the scimitar and long sword due to their weak attacks.

9. Abyssal Whip

Now this one some of you may have heard of its story from day 1. However, if you haven’t known, it was about 14 million gp when it first came out. Why? Because it was the most powerful weapon released. However, it was extremely nerfed after the first few weeks of release. And that brings it down to number 9. It still has potential; however, most of the time, it only does a normal attack anybody could’ve done while attacking.
Even though this weapon does have the 10% energy bonus if successfully hitting, this feature is not complimented due to the fact that your energy will be restored while fighting.

8. Zanik’s Crossbow

After the 150th quest, Zanik is so nice to give you this powerful crossbow. What this really is is just an upgrade from the Dorgeshuun Crossbow with a nice little special attack packed in. It works just like the previous crossbow, but I say that the special attack is even better than any other bow. (Not including enchanted crossbows)
I could say that I found a difference with this bow with a high of 23 while the normal bows just give me about 14-15.

7. Dark Bow

This bow is no ordinary bow… With its 30 or 50% increase of hitting, you can’t miss with your special attack. And in my opinion, I prefer a special attack that actually hits instead of wasting my power on a dud. Even with the quality of shooting two arrows at once, the dark bow is still 3 times slower than a short bow, or 2 times slower than a long bow; this lowers its potential top ten-wise.

6. Dragon 2-Hand Sword

Ever had to attack several opponents at once? Well this is your perfect weapon. With its extremely powerful strength, inflicting multiple enemies is an excellent way to train your combat skills, at the very least. In which case, it is still potent for one enemy.

5. Dragon Battle Axe

It may not be a combat-like weapon, but it sure does help with fighting. Of course this isn’t that good of a weapon for fighting, but this article is about special attacks, right? Well, this is mainly just an add-on special attack that is great for mighty attacks, and there isn’t much to it than that.

4. Dragon Dagger Special

Imagine this: You get four special attacks and each has two hits. Not to mention the possibility of poisoning them. That’s because you can! And with the highest of the high stats, even a KO is possible. Even without high stats, critical damage can be made and I say its one of the most powerful weapons.


3. Barrelchest Anchor

Do you think you could stand a huge slam from a heavy anchor? … … I didn’t think so. That’s because this is an incredibly powerful weapon.  This weapon is pretty fatal at times for certain cases, and it still is potent on bad case scenarios. In other words, it is a weapon for any kind of need. (Unless you are doing Horrors from the Deep.)

2. Dragon Claws

Slash! Slash! This is the only weapon that I have actually heard the rumor that it can actually one hit (four hit I mean) KO somebody. Now if that’s not good enough, I honestly don’t know what is. Not to mention the speed of this weapon is extremely fast.

1. Saradomin Sword

It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s downright powerful. Although I could go in more detail of the sword itself, this is about the special attack. Just like the staff of Saradomin, it contains strikes of lightning. There is actually two strikes with the special attack. The first is a magical lightning strike that inflicts just regular attack. The second strike is another regular attack including five through fifteen damage! To me, this is definitely the strongest.

To sum up, this is my preference for weapon special attacks. I think this could help those that are thinking of a weapon for certain circumstances, but if not, I hope you enjoyed the read.
(You could comment if you want, though.)

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  • Nissa Says:
    22nd April 2009, at 6:28am

    Keep up the good work.

  • sacktapped_u Says:
    29th April 2009, at 5:33pm

    I agree with everything, however, the last 2 weapons should be switched. The Dragon Claws should be number 1 in special attacks. That is only because they are far more furious than the Saradomin Sword.

  • Burnt Joint Says:
    1st May 2009, at 12:23am

    You forgot the AGS and the SGS.

  • Fr0styb0w Says:
    2nd May 2009, at 10:13am

    Awsome as usual!!

  • Anonymouse Says:
    3rd May 2009, at 6:21pm

    Whilst I would agree with most of them, I would have put seercull up there. A good shot with the seercul special can leave an ancienter in tatters as they discover their mage level has been reduced so low they are almost left useless in the field. Whilst it may not be the most damaging of specs (and certainly isn’t) it is one of the most tactical specs.

  • holy 13ook Says:
    5th May 2009, at 7:52pm

    It is a great guide. Dragon Claws should be #1 and saradomin sword should be #2 though. You also forgot the power of the Bandos/ Armydyl Godswords. Abby Whip special attacks are not that powerful. And Dragon Dagger should be better than Barrelchest becuase you can hit 2 times quickly and also you can use the special attack four times in a row!

  • Fail Says:
    5th September 2010, at 7:32am

    R0fl fail.. Dragon claws should be nr. 1 and ags nr. 2 and bgs nr. 3 and ss nr. 4.

  • Bob Says:
    24th November 2011, at 10:14pm

    @Fail, Burnt Joint, and holy 13ook: He said at the top that he was not including the god swords.