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Now, before I start, I would like to thank Owen1892 for his help in the making of this guide.

With the resent Event line up update on the forums, I decided that maybe I should make a guide for one of the new events in the line up. So I chose PEST CONTROL. It’s quite fun and gives you A LOT of combat experience when you spend the Zeal. The point of Pest Control is to protect the Void Knight and stop the on-coming waves of monsters from 4 portals around the outskirts of the Island. There are 2 ways of getting to Pest Control. One is using a Summoning Familiar (Void ravager, Void shifter, Void spinner, Void torcher). When you use a summoning familiar all you need to do it right click on the familiar and select Teleport, you will be send directly to the main island (this one doesn’t have monsters on it) by the docks leading to the 3 boats you board use to get to the islands. However, you are not allowed to bring familiars inside the game, so choose wisely since the charms to make the familiars cost some points to purchase.  The other way is to take the boat at Port Sarim and sail over. The boat is located North of the charter boat and the sailor is easy to see because it is a squire.

Pest Control Island Location

This is the pest control islands

There are 3 boats to play Pest Control in; novice, intermediate, and veteran. In order to enter the novice boat, you will need to have a combat level of 40 or higher. To enter intermediate, you need to be level 70 or higher. For veteran, you will need 100 combat. Summoning levels do count for these requirements, so you can be level 95 plus 5 levels of summoning to enter the veteran boat. What’s the difference between these boats other than the levels? Well, for novice boat, you can only earn 2 points if you win, 3 points if you win in intermediate, and 4 for veteran boat. There are not many differences between these 3 boats, except that the monsters in higher level boats have higher combat.

Pest Control Novice Boat
This is the Novice boat

There are 2 things you can do during the game (3 if you just get 50 zeal then stand there). You should either help defend and kill off monsters that attack the Void Knight or take down the portals that have shields on them. Among the group of pest-killers, you should spread out and know which role each of you will take on. Out of 25 people to start a game immediately, about 5-7 should defend, and about 5 people waiting at each portal. The last of the attacker on each side of the island should close the gate, not letting the pests out to lessen the damage on the Void Knight. When the shield of a portal drops, the 5 attackers will try to take it down as fast as possible. Each portal has 250 hitpoints and it can summon spinners that heal the portal once it has been damaged. So in order to defeat a portal with spinners around it, kill them off first before the portal. Every time a portal is destroyed, your Void Knight will gain 50 hp, maximum of 250.

Pest Control Starting Off
This is how Pest control starts off

There is a certain pattern that I have noticed for which portal’s shield is going to drop after the other, here is a list: (the order can be one of these six choices)
Yellow -> Red -> Purple -> Blue
Yellow -> Purple -> Red -> Blue
Purple -> Yellow -> Blue -> Red
Purple -> Blue -> Yellow -> Red
Blue -> Red -> Yellow -> Purple
Blue -> Purple -> Red -> Yellow

There are 7 types of pests, they are ravagers, spinners, splatters, brawlers, shifters, defilers, and torchers.
The main attackers for the enemies are Brawlers, Shifters, Defilers and Torchers. Brawlers are the biggest monster that can attack in Pest Control. They cannot be passed through like all of the other monsters so if there are 2 around you then you’re trapped! They can deal heavy damage to a player but if you need to, protect from melee can protect you from their attacks. Shifters are able to teleport from just outside their portal to the Void Knight, thus making them engaged in melee combat. Defilers are rangers than can shoot from long distance, dealing good damage. The torchers are mages that can also shoot fire balls from good distance. The attackers should kill these off as they spawn.
The ravagers don’t necessarily do much harm; they are not aggressive and only knock down gates and barricades. That is just like the splatters, however, they do deal damage up to 25 if you stand close enough to them when they explode. The spinners are the most important monster for the attackers; they have the ability to heal portals back to full health, so kill them immediately after they spawn! They will also explode when the portal dies, thus poisoning you doing 3 damage each time.

Now, you might be wondering what the points are for and these are your rewards!

Pest Control Reward Page
These are all of the possible rewards that you can get from Pest Control

As you can see, there are some variety of the rewards that you can get. I’ll go into the experience rewards later on. For the seeds, herbs and ore rewards, they are just a mixture or medium level herbs, seeds and, ores. Not really much to do there seeing you can make more money playing the game to actually get enough zeal to get the points. The armour is really helpful when leveling. When you have full void (you do not need the mace to get the bonus) you get a bonus depending on what helm you get. Here is a link to see what all of those bonuses for each helm. The experience is based on your level. The higher your level, the more experience per point you will get. Now you can also get a bonus of up to 10%. When you trade in one point, no bonus. 10 points is a 1% bonus and 100 points is a 10% bonus.

Well, thanks it. I hope you learned from this and I hope this will help you play Pest Control at your best. Pest Control is a very fun game and is worth the time seeing you aren’t in game for a set amount of time. Thanks for reading. Tim Out!

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