Alex’s Analysis – Getting My First Level 99

posted by on 29th April 2009, at 6:54pm

Level 98 defense …

Level 98 defense. It popped up almost when I didn’t expect it. I knew my experience count was nearing that line, but I didn’t think I would get that fraction so quickly. That’s what the Mighty Banshees will do for you when you get into fighting them. The achievement was rewarded with a clue scroll, to which I added another heraldic item to my already-growing collection. It’s funny; so many treasure trails and devotion towards them, and I have still never found myself the owner of even a Third Age coif. Best I’ve ever gotten was a Robin Hood hat. Once. It went to a good purpose: Level 81 construction.

With level 98 defense, that brings me to a stretch I have never seen before. Only one level until I become a master of the skill, in that there is no possibly way for me to improve on it. It’s almost like the end of a journey, one that you’ve prepared perfectly for, met good friends, and seen good things. Now that I’m getting level 99, I feel almost nervous. What will I do from then on? Train controlled? 1/4th experience practically wasted if I did that, but there’d still be that path to follow.

I’ve always been a firm believer that an achievement is the traveling, not the destination. Sure, anybody can get there, but it’s how you get there that makes like worthwhile. The more you take your time, the better off you are. I mean, once you’re there, what then? Zezima got level 99 everything, so what does he do now online? It’s just not fun anymore if there’s no point to it.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not hesitant. In fact, I’ll gladly welcome level 99 defense and the new skill-cape with open arms and a smug smile. Don’t know what I’d do with my poor abandoned quest cape when the time comes. Perhaps I’ll alternate days where I wear the both of them. I dunno. Darn thing about capes is you can only wear one at a time …

As I am typing this, I am continuing to slay Mighty Banshees, getting ever so close to the great moment. Seeing the end is indeed exciting. Perhaps it’s just for that moment of achievement we live to take that path. I guess the only term for it would be true happiness. But that’s the great thing about Runescape. I’ll get level 99 defense, then strive for level 99 magic. Then level 99 hits, attack, strength, construction, etc. Wicked long ways to go. All I’m getting is that milestone achievement that lets me remember that no matter the difficulty, with time and effort, it’s possible.

Now, why level 99 defense? Why should this be my first level 99? Well, truth be told, I like the cape. The green of the strength cape and the red of the attack cape … no, I can’t see myself wearing those proudly. They’re just not my color. If it could be any cape, I’d probably do straight for the level 99 agility cape because it not only has a beautiful blue color, but a wicked awesome emote as well. Unfortunately, I just can’t drive myself to get level 99 agility doe to the fact that it’s incredibly boring. No point in taking a path if you can’t have fun doing it. It’s like playing Mirror’s Edge for 2 hours rather then running Super Paper Mario’s ruined World 6 for the same amount of time. Both have a satisfying ending in an achievement, but I’m definitely going to appreciate completing Mirror’s Edge a whole lot more.

And yes, I honestly do have fun fighting the Mighty Banshees. Sometimes they’re even my slayer assignment, and I get that bonus reason to fight them.

I’ve always pondered exactly how I want to get that moment. It’s a special occasion, so I want to make it as special as possible. When the day comes, you’ll see what I mean. For now, though, just keep playing, set yourself a goal, and with a trail to follow, that’s where things will begin to get fun.

Remember to keep smilin’!

– Alex 43

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